10 Difficult Jungkook Questions Only A True BTS Fan Can Answer | TEST

You probably think you know everything about btshowever, this test with hard questions of jungkook It could make you see that you still have a little to learn about one of the Bangtan members, we want to clarify that it is not necessary to know everything about their lives to be their fan.

how does this work test? Next we will leave you a series of questions about data from jungkook that only a true fan knows, as you answer them well you will add a point, at the end we will tell you how much of a fan you are of bts.

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Test: BTS Jungkook’s tough questions

How tall is Jungkook?

We start with one of the hard questions which is actually one of the easiest there is and is that jungkook is one of the members of bts taller, measuring 1.78 centimeters.

What is the nickname that Jungkook has in BTS?

This is also one of the easiest questions out there. jungkooksince the lesser of bts He is known as ‘Golden Maknae’: golden in English means gold, while maknae in Korean is the smallest in age, he is the “golden boy” since he is considered the most talented of Bangtan since he can basically stand out in any exercise.

What is Jungkook’s voice type?

Now we start with some hard questions of this testwell jungkook he has a tenor voice, which means he has such a wide vocal range that he can sing any type of note.

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What were your favorite subjects?

Though jungkook has proven to be one of the members of bts that he stands out in everything, not all school subjects have been his favorites, the ones that he flatly loved are physical education, music and art.

What is Jungkook’s favorite movie?

This question is not that difficult either because we will take it as a good one even if you say only one of the tapes, since jungkook he has quite a few favorite movies among which are ‘Iron Man’, ‘Love, Rosie’, ‘Everlasting Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’ and ‘Titanic’.

Why does he have a scar on his face?

another of the hard questions of this test have to do with the beautiful face of the maknae of btsIn case you hadn’t noticed, jungkook He has a small scar on his right cheek, which he got due to a fight with his older brother because they both argued over who would get to the computer first to play video games, which caused the mark on the Bangtan member.

What is your favorite part of your body?

It is probably a bit difficult for you to choose which part of your body is your favourite. jungkookHowever, he is very clear about it. The part of his body that he likes the most is his worked thighs.

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What did Jungkook buy his mom with his first salary?

jungkook He has shown on various occasions how much he loves his family, especially his mother, so the idol of bts He did not hesitate to spend his first salary on it, because in addition to eating delicious food, the singer of ‘Euphoria’ gave our mother-in-law clothes as a present.

What is Jungkook’s favorite alcoholic drink?

If you have been very aware of the Instagram stories of jungkook You will know that a few months ago he dedicated himself to answering some questions that ARMY asked him, among which he revealed what his favorite alcoholic beverage is. You might think soju, however the Korean leans more towards beer.

What is Jungkook’s favorite season of the year?

another of the hard questions of this test It also has to do with preferences. jungkook regarding the weather, since the member of bts He also went on to reveal that he likes winter more than summer.

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BTS Jungkook Tricky Quiz Answers

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You’re probably just getting to know bts or do you not think it is so important to know these facts about jungkookthe truth is that you shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t know anything about ‘Golden Maknae’, there will be time for everything and that doesn’t mean you’re a bad fan.

You still need to know him a little more

You like to know only the essential, if you have any questions about jungkook either bts You don’t hesitate to investigate until that question is answered, maybe that’s why you know so much about them.

  • 8-10 correct answers

heart fan

for sure this test of hard questions on jungkook It made you wonder how could I not know? Well, your curiosity has made you know too much about the least of btscausing you to be considered a heartfelt fan of the idol.

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Remember that this is only a small test with some hard questions on jungkook so you can have a good time and learn a little more about the member of btsthat you have not known some questions, or all, does not mean that you are a bad fan of the South Korean band, that nobody makes you feel bad about it.

10 Difficult Jungkook Questions Only A True BTS Fan Can Answer | TEST