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The 2021 Tom & Jerry movie may not have been as well received as the animated series, but it’s proof that the series has remained in the hearts of fans for generations.

The series is so ubiquitous that it has become one of the most common shows for meme models. Although it has stiff competition with other classics like SpongeBob SquarePants and The Simpsons for “most memes”, there’s no denying that Tom & Jerry features some of the best internet memes of any TV show or film.

The Omnitrix Flex watch

A meme that takes the late 90s and most 2000s kids back to their childhood, few things were such an important status symbol in school as the Omnitrix from the classic series, Ben 10.

Ben 10 featured everything from a fantastic cartoon villain in Kevin Levin, a brilliant sidekick in Gwen, and a great protagonist in Ben. The Omnitrix was nearly lightsaber-level in cool levels for kids, and was a much cooler status symbol than any generic product like the AirPods, as the Tom buff facing Jerry perfectly demonstrates.


Falling asleep isn’t as easy for some as it is for others, and Tom & Jerry sums up that feeling perfectly with the help of everyone’s favorite insomniac mouse: Jerry.

Cartoons do a great job of humorously showing the passage of time, and the picture of Jerry unable to sleep is a great way to show how long someone can stay awake in bed battling insomnia. The ending makes the meme all the more relatable and tragic, showing Jerry finally falling asleep before his alarm goes off.

Essay questions

Another Tom & Jerry meme that brings back school memories, kids from elementary to middle school know all about thinking they’ve managed to study for an exam or write an article, only to see a grade well below what they expected.

Tom & Jerry is universal in the messages it depicts, and part of what makes the actual meme pattern make the meme better is that both images are of Tom. While the meme itself works for a student/teacher relationship, it’s just as fun to think of the meme template as the student revising their own work after writing it.

Drama between siblings

There’s a reason sibling drama is so common in all media, from sibling rivalries in anime to family fights in sitcoms. It’s a relevant topic for anyone with siblings, but the resolution is often not as dramatic in real life as it is on the shows.

Real-life sibling drama often ends in a quick resolution, despite the gravity of the initial fight. Likewise, Tom and Jerry often seem to find themselves quickly allied even after long battles. In fact, it often happens in Tom & Jerry that they feel more like sibling rivals than actual enemies.

Skip serotonin button

The flipped version of a popular Tom & Jerry meme design highlights how the skip button works on YouTube is controversial to many fans, as it’s not present in the shorter ads.

The ultimate doomsday scenario for fans is, of course, when there’s no skip button on fifteen-second commercials or viewers. However, even a commercial of about five seconds without a skip button seems oddly much longer than skipping a longer commercial for many viewers. It’s a common example of how the simple push of a button gives serotonin to many people, regardless of background.

letters in english

If there is one language that English speakers love to make fun of, it is English. Spellings and pronunciations are constantly inconsistent, partly due to so many influences from other languages.

Although tsunami is not an English word and the “t” is supposed to be pronounced in the word, it is true that the letter is often not pronounced in English. Unlike words that use the letter silently, there is one word where the letter is more pronounced than any other: “tea,” which is pronounced exactly the same as the letter.

The new villains of the Pokemon game

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is one of the most anticipated games of the year, with many exciting changes to Pokémon both in games and in the anime, including the new villain team: Team Star.

The franchise’s original villains, Team Rocket, were the perfect balance between the two newer archetypes: murderous lunatics and ridiculous idiots. Having a team of Pokemon thieves worked better than Team Galactic who wanted to destroy the world and Team Yell who wanted to support a high schooler’s gym battles, both of which were ridiculous for different reasons.


The MCU has an ambitious number of superheroes, all varying in talent and power. In the X-Men movies, Quicksilver was one of the most powerful characters in all of history.

Unfortunately, the MCU hasn’t treated Quicksilver with the same dignity as X-Men. Wanda’s brother was a pretty pitiful character and never even got a chance to be a real Avenger. The Quicksilver would have been a suitable sibling to the equally overpowered Wanda, as both characters would be able to win important battles on their own.

How to boil water

Tom & Jerry fans who reside in the UK, as well as all other tea lovers around the world, can enjoy the speech created by one of Tom & Jerry’s most popular meme models.

The meme template features a guest appearance from Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, both terrified of an incoming Tom. Guests are appropriate for such a UK meme, pitting those who use different types of kettles to make their tea against those who use microwaves to heat their tea water. It’s a humorous way to combine two beloved franchises and good execution from a great model.

A deconstructed Rick Roll

Rick Rolls is one of the most iconic early Internet memes, and this Tom & Jerry meme is a great deconstruction of Rick Astley’s classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” lyrics.

The meme is pretty self-explanatory, with another cat refusing to give “You” “Up.” It’s one of the funniest and smartest deconstructed song memes, and it’s a perfect match for one of the most viewed songs on YouTube, with over a billion views. For Rick Astley and meme lovers in general, this is a solid reference.

10 hilarious memes featuring Tom and Jerry | Pretty Reel