19 Quebec shows that marked our youth

A grenade with that? turned 20 lately, a documentary about the 20 years of mixmania was born and several members of Radio Hell reunited on stage this summer. We take advantage of this nostalgia to dive back into our youth!

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We were treated to several Quebec masterpieces over time. Who has ever dreamed of overcoming the challenges of Zigotosto receive a Wicked Change, taste a burdog or check off a dream on your bucket list thanks to Air Force? Collectively, we had great doubts about the change of course when Canal Famille gave way to Vrak (at that time Vrak.TV). However, the channel offered us content that still makes us smile today.

Here are 19 Quebec shows that marked our youth.

1. Radio Hell

The expressions of Jocelyne Letendre, the rap of food and the Radio Enfer gang still mark us today in Quebec pop culture. This cult series depicted the student life of a radio and newspaper gang as well as their relationship with the school staff. The series was originally broadcast on Canal Famille and later on Vrak as the channel evolved. In all, we were delighted with 6 seasons from 1995 to 2001.

2. A grenade with that?

The most popular fictional fast food restaurant of the 2000s celebrated the 20th anniversary of its first broadcast on September 10. We remember the introduction with Captain Creighton and Ginette, the tamed seagull. We also remember Danny Pitre, Anaïs and the whole gang, including the McCormick twins. After 10 seasons, the series ended on December 20, 2011.

3. In a galaxy near you

Even today, we can revel in the expressions of Captain Charles Patenaude in popular culture, such as “La nuit porte… de garage. “. This classic of Quebec television was so striking that it seems to have lasted 10 years, when there were only four seasons, from January 1999 to November 2001. Thereafter, we entitled to two films, released in 2004 and 2008.

4. mixmania

We could relive the madness mixmania through the documentary created for the 20th anniversary of the show which has made thousands of young people dream. No Regret and Urban Defense made us sing and dance in the fall of 2002 and thereafter, mixmania had 3 other seasons which brought fame to William Cloutier and Claudia Bouvette, among others.

5. Real-It / Real-tv

At the beginning, Real-it was a series of capsules on different topics depending on the host at the end of Vrak’s shows that began in 2001. The concept evolved into a series involving these fictional workplace hosts with the boss, Lulu. We followed them in the capture of their capsules in the famous trailer and in the offices. The series ended in 2004.

6. Ramdam

A recomposed family of 2 parents, 6 children and all kinds of characters, each more fragmented than the other, captivated us after school from 2001 to 2008. For 8 seasons, the Laporte-Carpentier-L’Espérance knew how to approach sometimes sensitive subjects with humor and tact, including the blended family, love, school difficulties and much more. Persecution!

7. Turbulence Zone

We transport ourselves to 1998 with a young Charles Lafortune, Isabelle Brouillette, Frédéric Désager and Pierre Limoge. turbulent zone was a wacky and unusual daily magazine to inform with humor, audacity and originality. Entering the Turbulent Zone, we were treated to sketches, reports and discussions exploring a theme from all angles and according to the personality of each of the facilitators.

8. Once upon a time in trouble

Do you have a problem? Jon, Jee, Max and Sophie were there to fix it, going through a series of disasters. Every employee of the company What’s your problem? had a very marked personality and that gave rise to comical situations. The most unusual stories each other were spread over 11 seasons, from 2004 to 2014. The list of Quebec artists who have interpreted a character, whether recurring or for an episode, is impressive.

9. The Zigotos

The Zigotos are among the strongest collective memories. However, it is one of the oldest Quebec programs on the list, having been broadcast from 1994 to 1998 on Canal Famille. Elementary school children had to take up challenges of more or less 120 seconds, such as the bungee or the “evil pond”, which consisted of finding a golden frog in a viscous mixture which was actually made up of…shampoo! The Zigotos also offered sketches not piqued with verse.

10. Operation Chameleon

Through missions, role-playing games and tests, young aspirants to the world of secret agents had to overcome the challenges that arose on their path. Elementary school children were divided into the teams of Réal Bossé and Isabelle Brouillet. There was a game master who gave him the missions and revealed secrets of the spy world. The broadcast was short-lived, from 1999 to 2000.

11. R-Force

R-Force started with interludes of about 4 minutes, taking over from Real-It to sometimes fill the timetables. Quickly, the concept was developed into full 30-minute episodes. Young people could write to R-Force in order to realize a dream either to meet a famous personality, to visit a place usually forbidden to the public or various possible experiences. See the limo R-Force landing in front of his house meant that a nice surprise was coming. The team rode for 3 seasons, until 2008.

12. Wicked Change

You were secretly preparing to feign surprise if one day the team of Wicked Change knocking on your door? Of course. This program of transformation of teenagers’ rooms hosted by Stéphane Bellavance has made more than one dream. Some were even entitled to the appearance of a celebrity at the unveiling of their room, after having smashed the paper which hid the result. The series was on the air from 2005 to 2009 and made many people happy.

13. Vrak la vie

Secondary school life seen by Pierre, Phil, Cathou and Mag. For six seasons, we were able to follow them in the daily life of students evolving within the Isidore-Cliche school. We can remember the director, the coach and the teachers, recurring characters who added their grain of salt to the already crazy situations of the four friends. The broadcast took place from 2009 to 2015.

14. tactic

Often defined as the successor of Ramdam, the Tactik series is a whole different story. The story is that of pre-teens who live in various situations between personal life and school, who all have a common passion, soccer. Viewers have seen its young people evolve over the 6 seasons broadcast from 2009 to 2013. Several of the actors are still very present on screen today.

15. The Resourceful

The televised science magazine was a great success despite the tragedy that marked Quebec with the disappearance of Marie-Soleil Tougas. Their slogan was “We pitonne, we zigonne, we patent, we invent”. The show was first hosted by Grégory Charles and Marie-Soleil Tougas, from 1990 to 1995. After the death of Marie-Soleil in 1997, Grégory Charles shared the screen with Karine Vanasse, Yan England, Cédric Pépin and Caroline Theroux. The last episodes appeared in 2001.

16. Bulldog Bazaar

Saturday and Sunday morning, without waking the parents, it was time to settle down in front of the television to Bulldog Bazaar. Max and Jules trained the children in capsules, sketches and songs, with the appearance of various characters in turn during the seasons. The series aired from 1995 to 2002.

17. Stan and his stars

The very short fictional series of 2 seasons was intended as a parody of reality TV shows. We witnessed the daily life of six participants together in a “condo”. Three guys, three girls as well as an eccentric host and a producer with twisted ideas experienced ups and downs through their interactions and the trials of the academy. The first season attracted many curious people, but the second season did not have the same success.

18. Fanclub

Fanclub was a children’s cultural magazine with Yan England at its helm, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau from seasons one to three, then Caroline Gendron from the fourth to the sixth season. The concept allowed VIP access to our favorite stars. The team tried to discover the best kept secrets of stars and showbiz and allowed young people to have a moment with their favorite star. Once a week there was the Club Sandwich segment, where a celebrity had to eat a sandwich made from ingredients that didn’t go together at all, or they lived a consequence. Camille Felton was one of those who concocted the sandwiches!

19. Frank vs. Girard

Facebook / Youth Remembrance Group

Over three seasons, from 2007 to 2008, Frank and Girard, roommates and friends in real life, set themselves different challenges. Frank always seeks to win easily, often by cheating, while Girard prefers to take the challenge seriously and win fairly.

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19 Quebec shows that marked our youth