2022 IN THE RETRO A feria and a well

2022 is coming to an end, it’s high time to take a look back at what made the news throughout the year on Objectif Gard. For this new issue of the retro 2022, back in September and October.

The 2022 vintage of the Nîmes harvest feria may not have tasted like bananas, though, but it will remain as a good vintage. For this “small” feria, less popular than that of Pentecost, but just as dear to the hearts of Nîmes and others, it was a bit of a return to normal, after two years upset by the health crisis. Stopping at nothing for you, readers, the journalists of Objectif Gard did not hesitate to give of their person to best transcribe the atmosphere, as evidenced by this return in images signed by the festaïre Yannick Pons.

The beginning of September will see terrible news, that of the divorce of Mathieu and Alexandre, the Gard couple from season 15 of Love is in the meadow, the famous M6 show. A misfortune never arriving alone, September also saw the return of good big storms and their procession of Météo France alerts. Thus, from the start of the school year, orange weather vigilance leads the prefecture to ask parents of students to pick up their child at 4 p.m.. Result: a big fright and disorganized parents for rains not that heavy. And the next day, criticism coming from corners of the department where it did not rain a drop, the Rhone Gard in the lead, but where the instructions had to be applied all the same. Let’s say that in this matter, we do what we like.

In October, we go from too much water to too little petrol and diesel: a strike in the refineries leads to a movement of panic which itself leads to a good old fuel shortage. The mechanism is known, but still works, and guaranteed disorganization: stormed stations, endless and sometimes tense queues, prefectural measures to prohibit the filling of jerry cans or even to give priority to certain professions, it is little say that the month was sporty. It is in these moments that we realize that if there are only ads for electric cars on television, France still and always rolls with fossil fuels.

And in the Gard, driving can cost you your life, unfortunately a little more than elsewhere given the rising road fatality figures this year, with 58 deaths in the first 11 months of 2022. Figures which are above all lives, like that ofAdrien, this physics-chemistry professor at the Mourion college, in Villeneuve, killed at 36 in a dramatic frontal impact on the road linking Alès to Bagnols in early October while his wife and two children were injured. A strong emotion seized the college, but also Saint-Gervais, his home village. More than a number, Adrien was a husband, a father, a teacher, but also a friend. And a good guy.

Thierry Allard

2022 IN THE RETRO A feria and a well-watered autumn, the gas stations dry