5 cartoons to see at least once in your life

Are you running out of programs to watch with your family? Immerse yourself in one of these five animated feature films, which will appeal to young and old alike. Touching, terrifying, or amusing, the characters of these animated films will accompany you during your winter TV evenings. Experience great emotions, thanks to these unmissable cartoons, all available on the Disney+ streaming platform. School holidays and end-of-year celebrations will give you an excellent excuse to return to childhood and stay comfortably installed on your sofa. Great successes of Pixar, essential realization of Tim Burton, opening of the Cannes Film Festival… Which cartoon will you start with?

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Coco: A Journey to the Land of the Dead

While dreaming of becoming a musician, Miguel finds himself confronted by his family, who strongly oppose it. Embarking on an unexpected journey to the Land of the Dead, the young boy could well unearth family secrets buried for many years. Accompanied by Hector, his new friend who never misses an opportunity to joke, Miguel will perhaps finally understand the reasons that led his loved ones to hate music so much. Friendly skeletons and a Mexican vibe will be present in “Coco”.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: A Christmas Essential

Directed by Tim Burton, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a film to see and re-watch. Although it was released in 1994, this uniquely animated feature film will still appeal to new generations and bring back many memories for adults. While he has been bored for hundreds of years in Halloween-ville, Jack Skellington dreams of changing the atmosphere… Beneath his skeletal appearance, he then decides to make Christmas his own. Sing along with the Pumpkin King and the townspeople unaccustomed to colorful garlands.

Vice Versa: Inside Your Kids’ Minds

“Vice Versa” takes place inside the mind of 11-year-old Riley, who has just moved to a big city with her family. Within the command center located in the mind of the young child, five emotions are in panic following this upheaval: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness. While Joy and Sadness go astray taking part of Riley’s memories with them, Fear, Anger and Disgust will have to try to keep control over the young girl’s brain.

Up: A journey through the air

Released in 2009, “Là-Haut” features one of the most touching duets of all Pixar productions. While retired, the former balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, decides to fly away peacefully by tying a thousand balloons to his house. Russell, an 8-year-old scout present on the landing of the old house at the wrong time, also finds himself embarked on this journey. Together, they will make magical encounters and live an exceptional adventure.

Ratatouille: The best chef in the Disney universe

Rémy dreams of becoming a great chef. However, he faces a major problem: he is a rat. Very frowned upon in the most prestigious kitchens, the young rodent nevertheless contemplates every day with envy the cooks who work in the neighboring establishment “Chez Gusteau!” “. As he infiltrates this great Parisian restaurant, Rémy will meet Alfredo Linguini, a clumsy kitchen assistant who could really use the know-how of this little mustachioed chef.

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5 cartoons to see at least once in your life