A festival to take a deep breath of fresh air!

Happy those who have reserved all their evenings for the week of November 14 to 20 in La Rochelle, because they will be able to attend the screenings and meetings of the 19th edition of the La Rochelle International Film and Book Festival (the Fifav) which is he has made a very special place in the audiovisual and literary landscape of La Rochelle.

Happy too, as the program for this 2022 edition is so rich, intense and joyful, allowing you to meet many authors, documentary filmmakers and scientists. In addition to the dedications, the conferences, each projection is followed by an exchange. The DNA of Fifav is to live the adventure by proxy to be inspired, to breathe, to take a breath of fresh air. Selected pieces.

Exhibitions, films, books

Damien is the guest of honor at Fifav 2022. Damien, an adventurer? Not an iconic boat, a small wooden ship, now listed as a historic monument, to be restored in 2021. Between 1969 and 1973, this mythical “walnut shell” hosted one of the greatest maritime adventures of crossing the oceans, opening the way to possibilities for many amateur sailors. 50 years after the extraordinary journey of Gérard Janichon and Jérôme Poncet, the release of the comic strip Damien the footprint the wind at Glénat editions is the opportunity to have “La fête à Damien” with the exhibition of the boat, comic strips and the screening of the film Damien’s voyage, 5 years and 55,000 miles of ocean challenges.

Another exhibition, another maritime universe, Laurent Ballesta diver, marine biologist, photographer exhibits Mediterranean planet. His shots of great depth offer a journey to landscapes of still virgin spaces to meet incredible creatures that resist destruction and extinction.

Wild encounters, explorations, crossings…

Rémy Masseglia, took his little girl Naïs, barely one year old, to the heart of the Mercantour National Park to meet the wolves. The pretext for an initiatory journey during which little Naïs will experience magical moments of discovery in nature. Family poster of the festival, the film is called “Naïs in the land of wolves“.

Naïs in the Land of Wolves, a film by Rémy Masseglia

Let’s go back down to the depths, underground this time, with 40 days out of time or the incredible filmed adventure of the 14 volunteers locked up for 40 days in a cave. A unique collective exploration of men’s adaptive capacities.

And why not an incursion into the Amazonian forest with the film by Luc Marecsot Amazonia, the whispers of the forest or in the Romanian Carpathians with wild corridors by Mathieu Le Lay. Or again, the call of the river by kayaker Nouria Newman in Wild Waters.

Another adventure, local and maritime, with the 6 musicians of the La Rochelle group The big idea who embarked to cross the Atlantic and write a rock album, it’s The fabulous Grand Vesigue expedition. To see and to listen to.


Taking his board, the spectator is invited to discover Havana Libre or how surfing was until very recently considered subversive in Cuba. Always surfing: ora is the magnificent testimony to the resilience of silver surfer, Eric Dargent, the first to be bitten by a shark in Reunion about ten years ago.

On the side of the authors in dedication, the adventurers are there too. We retain Marion Poitevin for “Break the ice ceiling” or Peyo Lizarazu (Vixente’s brother) who tells us “surf life“.

Fifav in figures

Programming : With this 100% face-to-face edition, the public will be very well served: 59 screenings, 36 scheduled films, 21 school screenings, 18 “adventure and literature” meetings, 17 reading workshops, 3 off-site screenings, 9 prizes awarded…

Competition: 25 films in the official selection and 1 president of the Jury: Marie Amiguet director and biologist with a Master’s degree in wildlife cinema, co-director of The snow panther (Cesar for best documentary in 2022)

Reservation : 22,000 tickets have already been reserved out of the 25,000 capacity for screenings.

A festival to take a deep breath of fresh air!