Abou Diaby criticizes the intellectual level of women, Maya Niiya clashes it very strongly

It all started on September 13 at the end of the afternoon. When the Youtuber Sam Zirah had published his interview with the former reality TV candidate Abu Diaby. Indeed, the latter came to tell his story in the show ‘In complete privacy’. According to the controversial video, the ex by Leana revealed that his wife often cheated on him. Very disappointed and distressed by the situation, the latter did not hesitate to criticize the Muslim religion.

Maya Niya reacts

Very upset against the former candidate of the Villa des Coeurs Brisés and after apologizing to his wife, the reality TV candidate did not hesitate to clash.

According to her, he would do all this just to come back to the light.

Pained seeing the video of Sam Zirah, Maya Niiya was very divided and ended up supporting Abou. According to her, men too have a heart and would suffer a lot from deception. Solidarity with the young man, the pretty brunette did not hesitate to reveal the photo of his ex-wife on his story before deleting it a few minutes later.

He his head was already spinning all over the place. I was going to make a mistake. I was going to play a game that isn’t funny at all. But I ended up asking God for forgiveness because I’m no one to judge. I’m no one to bring anyone’s sins into the open. Like me, I would not want the peaches to be revealed in broad daylight and especially judged by imams two points zero. And as much as a woman, it’s not beautiful.

“, said the young woman.

Very aware of the magnitude of the situation, Maya did not hesitate to ask Abou several questions. “Ok, you were cheated. Okay, your heart hurts. Already, a man does not whine. By denigrating our veiled sisters. What was your goal?” she wonders.

Indeed, Abou felt better after the interview with Sam Zirah, which surprised the pretty brunette.

She ended up calling him a coward, vicious, and traitor. “You are a traitor! One sold! You do not represent the Muslim community. We don’t care about your life. Keep us out of your Muslim community.”said the young woman.

Leana’s ex never stops denigrating women

Abou Diaby continues to be controversial.

After revealing and criticizing his ex-wife. He did not hesitate to criticize the Women who have no intellectual level. “She does not have the patent. She doesn’t have a baccalaureate. Me, I don’t want to talk to gems who haven’t studied. “, he announced.

The Instagram account @2pestouilles did not hesitate to react. Indeed, his remarks on the educational level of women is difficult to pass. For the blogger, one should not mix between deception and the intellectual level.

I dare to hope that you have at least a master’s degree or even a doctorate so that I deign to identify you. The misogynist in 2022 is five minutes. If you also had a little consideration for your wife, it shouldn’t be surprising that she went elsewhere…“, published the blogger on her Instagram story.



Abou Diaby criticizes the intellectual level of women, Maya Niiya clashes it very strongly