Acting is a very tough profession when done honestly

For 84 years, Martha Ofelia Galindo “devoted her life to acting”, a career that has honored her in roles in children’s theater, university, marquee, bar and chamber theater, musicals, television and cinema.

Now 90 years old, Galindo received a tribute from the National Classical Theater Company Fénix Novohispano at the Esperanza Iris City Theater and celebrated yesterday on stage in the role of Brígida in Don Juan Tenorio, José Zorrilla’s classic.

His story is prolific. She made her debut at the age of six at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, under the direction of Clementina Otero; In addition, she was a classmate of Carlos Ancira and José Solé, as well as a student of Héctor Azar and Salvador Novo. She worked with stars such as Óscar Chávez, Julián Pastor, Fernando Luján, Mauricio Herrera, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Lupe Vázquez, Ernesto Gómez Sanatan, Alejandro Ciangherotti and Ireland Mora.

In popular culture, her character of Maestra Canuta is remembered in the comedy Zero in conduct, next to Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Of the great characters of various times, with whom she shared moments, the actress thanks “the affection and dedication” to colleagues and teachers. “Many are not here, but there are still some, for example, Virginia Gutiérrez and Luisa Huertas, among others who know who they are,” Galindo said in a conversation with La Jornada.

He pointed out: “My career has been very intense, with great periods; my main teachers were Clementina Otero, Héctor Azar and Celestino Gorostiza”.

The actress recalled: “My important times have been all of them, but one is special with Héctor Azar, because I did a lot of university theater and he dedicated the play to me Immaculate; imagine the number of stagings, soap operas, comedy shows and tandas with Ernesto Alonso Cachirulo”, among countless jobs.

Galindo, who has won various awards and recognitions, stressed: “I can’t complain. I have liked everything in my career. I never do something that is not to my liking, but I am also grateful to many people who helped me, because this profession is very hard if it is done honestly; that is, that you can work, not only because you have beautiful eyes”.

satisfied with life

Actually “I gave my life to my career, I sacrificed many things, but I am satisfied with what I have, that my daughters are well, my husband and the people around me who love me. This is the most important thing in life, that at my age I have so much love”.

About the setting of Don Juan Tenorio, He commented that it is the third time that he has joined Zorrilla’s staging, directed by Francisco Hernández, who organized the celebration and heads the National Classical Theater Company Fénix Novohispano, which in its 25 years of existence has staged around 100 works classical and assemblies in churches, squares, old and historic buildings. “Look, I have many awards, but Paco was the only one who thought of paying me a tribute. I will always be grateful to him and to his colleagues who are dedicated to his work”.

Incidentally, Galindo expressed concern that “culture doesn’t seem to matter as much; those who dedicate themselves to classical themes do not have the opportunity to live from this. I love Andrés (Manuel López Obrador) very much, but I would like to tell him that the box at the Palace of Fine Arts is going to rot because he has never sat there and he is the president.”

About love, Martha Ofelia Galindo shared: “I met him very late; I will be 40 years old with my partner, but I had two horrendous relationships and I suffered a lot. She also believed that being a woman, fighting and standing out is difficult. “It is very hard to go out, do your job and not deliver what I told you about. When I was young I suffered a lot, they cut me many times, but I managed to move forward because I am an actress and I can act, with that I defended myself and managed to do it”.

Unfortunately, he maintained, “the same thing happens with women in all countries, even if they are talented; in this sense humanity has not changed. As for the indigenous, yes, they are beginning to be given their place, which is essential because sometimes not even Mexicans know what we have. That’s the truth”.

Galindo is the founder of the National Theater Company together with Héctor Azar, with whom she instituted the school theater, in addition to inaugurating the University Centers for Theater and Dramatic Art. In 2019 she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Theater Critics and Journalists, which was given to her by the teacher Tito Vasconcelos.

Acting is a very tough profession when done honestly