Actv: 22 new buses 12 meters with the start of the school year

The renewal process of the Actv car fleet continues according to the industrial plan approved by the parent company AVM in agreement with the Municipality of Venice.

New Actv buses

The start of the 2022/2023 school year brings with it the commissioning of 22 new 12-meter buses with alternative power systems purchased thanks to the funding of the National Strategic Sustainable Mobility Plan, allocated by the Veneto Region to the Metropolitan City of Venice and distributed by this to the carriers that provide public transport services in the area with an economic commitment of € 6.2 million between contributions and co-financing.

With a capacity, declared by the manufacturer according to the homologation data, of 100 transportable passengers, the new buses are equipped with a disabled seat with manual ramp on the central door, driving seat with integral separation and electromagnetic closure for the safety of drivers, audio system and video for on-board info-mobility services, video surveillance system with driver “alarm” pedal.

The renewal of the Actv fleet

The entry of the new vehicles continues a path started in the pre-pandemic three years, with the purchase of 79 latest generation diesel and hybrid buses, the renewal of the fleet in service in the islands of Lido and Pellestrina with the conversion to electric of the entire urban public transport network, the first in Italy full electric with online recharging (30 buses) and the commissioning of another 9 urban and suburban buses with various power supplies, for a total of 118 new buses between 2018 and 2021 and 43 million of € of investment.

The investments of the AVM group

The 2022-2023 programming sees the AVM Group engaged in the continuation of the investment plan, thanks to funding from the Municipality of Venice, the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Veneto Region and the Italian Government and partly through self-financing, also in preparation for the ” commitment foreseen for the use of PNRR funds: the 22 Actv buses presented above are joined by 4 12-meter hydrogen-powered buses with expected commissioning in about a year, 9 18-meter buses with expected commissioning in the spring of 2023 , 8 12-meter buses and 2 10-meter buses with expected commissioning in winter 2022, for a total of 45 new vehicles soon to enter service and an estimated outlay of € 8 million.

The comment of the General Manager

“The strategy outlined with the Municipal Administration moves towards two fundamental lines of development” – declares the General Manager of the AVM Group Giovanni Seno – “the ecological and digital transition. The AVM Group is supporting huge efforts to maintain the path of innovation and digitization of customer services, in particular in the field of ticketing and info-mobility as well as to progressively lower the average age of the fleet towards green and sustainable solutions both at an environmental and economic level. The investment plan also includes the commitment to renew the naval fleet, through the purchase of new units and re-motorization of the steamboats in operation in diesel-electric hybrid ”.

The comment of the Assessor for the Budget

“The Municipality of Venice supports the AVM Group in the progressive improvement of services to citizens, commuters for study and work and visitors to the City” – declares the Councilor for the Budget and the Affiliates Michele Zuin – “also through the work of the municipal offices dedicated to the search for national and European public funding, with excellent results given the investments made despite the period characterized by many structural and cyclical economic difficulties.

The challenge that now opens up is that of the PNRR with the strong investment in hydrogen wanted by the Giunta and which will see an important addition of new buses in urban service and the construction of one of the most important distribution systems in Italy ”.

The comment of the Assessor for Mobility

“We are concretely carrying out green projects associated with the public transport service – declares the Councilor for Mobility Renato Boraso – minimizing the impact of the ecological transaction on the inhabitants. The 100% electric service of Lido and Pellestrina saw the confirmation of the operating program without any higher charge to be borne by customers and the same will happen for the start-up of hydrogen on the mainland between 2024 and 2026. Environmental protection, quality of mobility services and economic sustainability for citizens and companies are three essential concepts of our government action in the Municipality of Venice and its metropolitan area. “

Actv: 22 new buses 12 meters with the start of the school year – Televenezia