Ajaccio: the British and Irish film festival promises an edition rich in emotions

XXL dream “. This is what the 13 promisesth edition of the British and Irish film festival Under My Screen which takes place in Ajaccio from November 26th to December 4th. After two years of slowing down, the team announces a completely renewed new edition. “ Since the Covid we had a somewhat reduced formula, with a festival that only ran from Wednesday to Sunday. This year we wanted to return to a slightly longer one-week formula. », indicates Jean-Paul Filippini, the president of the festival.

Under My Screen is 13 years old. He is in the middle of his teenage years. First he brought in lots of friends, because we went from 4 active members to 10 today. It is also spreading seriously by going from one to three places of diffusion between which the sessions will be dispatched adds Florence Mazzieri-Walker, communication manager. In addition to the Espace Diamant, the historic venue of the festival, the latter will also take up residence at the Ellipse cinema, but also at the brand new Laetitia cinema in the city centre. ” The festival is also international, it has desires elsewhere, since we still have an Irish director who will come to present her film Save the cinema. And then it’s a festival that goes from laughter to tears, like teenagers. In the selection, there are as many comedies as there are strong films, there is a biopic, or even true stories “, still book Florence Mazzieri-Walker.

18 films, a series and strong encounters on the program
In all, there are 18 films, including five previews and three unseen, as well as the original Canal+ series “ Marie Antoinette which will be offered to spectators for a whole week. ” The series debuted last year. She usually sees herself on TV at home, and then we bring her to a cinema. We’ll see if this concept takes. And the session is, of course, free. », Underlines the president of Under My Screen. What may be pushing people to return to cinemas, deserted by many since the health crisis. ” Festivals are more attractive because they show films that are not usually shown on TV or in the cinema. And then it’s also an opportunity to meet “, he notes.

As such, Under My Screen has set up a unique event on Friday December 2 at the Laetitia cinema from 6 p.m. ” We brought in Sylvain Despretz, who is the storyboarder for Gladiator, Alien, Black Falcon Falls and Harry Potter. He comes to do a masterclass that will last two hours, at his request,” unveils Jean-Paul Filippini.“He agreed to come when he had refused four festivals before us “, he rejoices again, specifying that during this highlight Sylvain Despretz will come to explain the job of storyboarder, what he was able to do alongside the greatest, but also his new life as a producer and director. . At the end of this session, he will also participate in the signing of his book Los Angeles.

Under My Screen is also growing in the sense that this year we have a professional jury. The artistic director of the Dinard festival, Dominique Green, will be the president. And then we have directors, producers, actresses, columnists and columnists who join us in this jury “, welcomes the president of the festival on the other hand.

Give students the opportunity to use English pragmatically
As every year, a great place will also be given to schoolchildren, who will constitute a specific jury on their side. But in order to allow the festival to register its development in a real pedagogical and didactic approach, a partnership has also been forged recently with the St-Paul high school, thanks to Professor Julien Istria. ” In the future, we will include students with us in the organization and have them work on the translation of the content of our website so that it is available in French, English and Corsican. », announces Jean-Paul Filippini. Enough to give these high school students, who have already translated all the synopses of this edition in the brochure, the opportunity to use English in a pragmatic way.

A poster competition called to be renewed for the next editions
Finally, this year the Under My Screen team has decided to call on the talents of graphic designers through a competition to create its poster with a nice prize at stake. And the least we can say is that many were inspired by the festival. ” We had 25 proposals, all of high quality. We fought to defend our favorite posters, because there were some really awesome ones “, smiles Florence Mazzieri-Walker, greeting Faustine Poingt, the winner, who “afhas a festival in its poster and puts references to Corsica but also all the clichés that can be found in British and Irish cinema “. Building on this success, the festival team now plans to renew this operation every year, and why not organize an exhibition of all the posters on offer.

In the meantime, it gives an appointment to all cinema lovers in Ajaccio’s dark rooms to experience great emotions with this 2022 edition.

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Ajaccio: the British and Irish film festival promises an edition rich in emotions