Amandine Pellissard launches a new appeal to Cyril Hanouna and still insists on joining TPMP!

Amandine Pellissard makes numerous appearances in the media. But recently, with Jordan de Luxe, the mother of the family once again asked for a favor from Cyril Hanouna during his interview. We’ll explaine everything here.

Amandine Pellissard, a connected woman

Amandine Pellissard has been participating since the very beginning of the program Families and Many. In effect, the mother of eight has always been on this show for almost five years. But thanks to the visibility she was able to have, she gained many subscribers on Instagram. This created the opportunity for her to become an influencer on instagram and thus earn better income.

But, Amandine Pellissard does not want to stick to her participation in the show Families and her work as an influencer, she wants more. Some time ago, she had already confided her desire to be part of a very famous talk show. It is of course Touche pas à mon poste directed and animated by Cyril Hanouna.

And Amandine Pellissard has a habit of doing interviews and confessions. And this especially with Jordan de Luxe for Télé Loisirs. Moreover, she had even spoken of Dancing with the stars. She had confided that she preferred to do Touche pas à mon poste rather than this show. So she said “No, I dance like a foot”. And when the reporter asked if she would still do it, she said “I do not know”.

But she gives more explanations. Indeed, Amandine Pellissard confides that “I can’t dance so much that would really be the thing… Ridicule does not kill ! To see if one day, I have a proposal on this side, but for the moment it is not the case”.

Do not touch My TV

But if Amandine Pellissard seems reluctant to participate in Dancing with the stars, she really wants to join Cyril Hanouna’s team. Indeed, it seems that she has been dreaming about it for some time. This is how she states during the interview that “Cyril Hanouna knows iteveryone knows it out there”. Indeed, the mother of the family has already made appearances in Touche pas à mon poste and the People edition.

This is how Amandine Pellisard launches into great explanations. Because after appearing on both shows, she prefers one more than the other. She states that “Both are different. TPMP is more topical while TPMP People is lighter in the sense that we discuss less serious subjects”. But, she seems to have already considered well what would happen if she went there and therefore refuses to “Go against my beliefs. Afterwards, I have no barriers, especially in the debate”. She also adds “When I am determined and I believe in what I say and what I say, I go to the end”.

A prison sentence?

Moreover, she very recently participated in Touche pas à mon poste. Amandine Pellissard had declared that she risked 6 months in prison “I had chosen to ensure my defense alone. I took 6 months firm”. “The fact of not having attended the hearing, I think that did not work in my favor. The problem is that I don’t have not notified of judgment”. She adds that “A bailiff came to ring my doorbell to give me my summons and I was not there. In any case, I was tried and sentenced to six months in prison”.

But Amandine Pellissard also said afterwards that “I appealed the judgment. The same court upheld the same sentence in opposition and then I called I’m waiting for the call date”.

Amandine Pellissard launches a new appeal to Cyril Hanouna and still insists on joining TPMP!