American Horror Story: Where to watch it and what do we know about season 12?

Acclaimed film and television director ryan murphy produced american horror story (AHS) in the company of his colleague brad falchuk. Murphy previously worked on the film Eat Pray Love from Plan B Entertainment and Columbia Pictures. Falchuk, on the other hand, in X-mutants; a science fiction and adventure series divided into three seasons. In addition, both collaborated in the implementation of a televised musical comedy that debuted in 2009: glee.

It was a year later that they got to work creating ahs; one of the most successful horror and suspense series.

Ryan Murphy: Fragments of a Biography

Little Ryan was born in Indianapolis on November 30, 1965. Influenced and motivated by his parents who founded the publishing house Brzamo PublishingHe participated as an editor in the school newspaper and later studied journalism; a fairly broad discipline that allowed him to dedicate himself to writing scripts for television programs. So in 1990 Steven Spielberg bought his script Why can’t I be Audry Hepburn? (Why can’t I be Audry Hepburn?). Nine years later, the first episode of Popular was projected; a dramatic comedy that he co-created with gina matthews.

Halston (2021), the miniseries about the famous fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick; ratched (2020), series of Netflix about a nurse in a psychiatric hospital; Y Pose (2018), a musical drama about the LGBTQ+ scene that according to The country This is his most personal work, they are three of his most recent projects.

What is American Horror Story about?

A house with a neglected appearance and a creepy melody make up the promotional video for the first season of american horror storywhose distribution includes the shares of Emma Roberts, sarah paulson Y Evan Peters.

This series premiered in 2011, which, due to its popularity, has 123 episodes until its last update in November 2022. Murder House (House of assassins), Freak Show (Show of monstrosities) and NYC (New York City) are the titles of some of its seasons; each of which constitutes an autonomous film, with a story, settings and characters different from the rest. The latter defines it as anthological audiovisual content.

Through particular aesthetic features, the plots lead us through events, spaces and beings that give anyone goosebumps. Roanoke, for example, captures a set of paranormal events that shakes a couple recently moved into the woods in North Carolina. with a nod to Blair’s wich (1999), the sixth season of the series was applauded by fans, all fans of the genre.

Since its inception, AHS has been the recipient of forty awards and close to one hundred and eighty nominations.

Where can I watch American Horror Story?

the american channel fx hosts series american horror story. Fear not (yet), if you don’t have cable TV service you can access it through other mechanisms. The series is also available in hulu Y Star+; streaming platforms owned by Disney Half.

What do we know about American Horror Story season 12?

There are not many certainties about the launch of the twelfth season of ahs. In January 2020 fx renewed the series for three more seasons; which means that we can enjoy 13 in total. Each of the “miniseries” that make up this horror anthology has been broadcast in September or October every two years (except the tenth that the Covid-19 pandemic delayed). In this sense, we cross our fingers that a new season will be available next year in such months.

It is possible that some portion of the cast will play mermaids. Although the plot has not been confirmed, the twelfth season of the series will surely bring stories as macabre and monstrous as the previous ones. Mermaids could be stellar this time around.

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American Horror Story: Where to watch it and what do we know about season 12?