An extra gear: the Wise Society book dedicated to Italian female entrepreneurs

Something extra. Italian stories of successful entrepreneurs. It is the title of the new book published by Wise Society-Life Solutions Wisdom for the “Wise People Series”inaugurated in 2019 by the great success recorded by It seemed impossible. From 0 to 100. Stories of successful entrepreneursthe volume dedicated instead to business captains who, starting from scratch, have managed to set up, entirely with their own strength, very innovative realities or authentic economic empires.

In bookstores and also purchasable on the online channels Amazon, Hoepli and Mondadori Store, Something extra. Italian stories of successful entrepreneurs (234 pages; 29.90 euros), signed by three prestigious names in Italian journalism, Manila Alfano, George Gandola And Stephen Zurlotells 22 stories of women, successful entrepreneurs with strong values.

Women who, from the North to the South of the country, stand out for who they are and what they do, for the way they face great challenges and win them, capable, starting from scratch or almost, of creating important businesses and companies, ambassadors of excellence and Made in Italy in the world.

“An extra gear”, the Wise Society book dedicated to 22 successful Italian women entrepreneurs.

Courageous women who are not afraid to dare, challenge prejudicesbreak the mold, fill that famous “glass ceiling” from which derives the atavistic inequality of opportunity between men and women, that gender gap towards which much remains to be done at a cultural, social and political level. A theme addressed without any rhetoric and with concreteness and propensity for innovation of these women.

“An extra gear”: a book of great successes and inclusion

The book, whose preface was edited by Alberto Bombasseichairman of Brembo, which enjoys the patronage of Poli.Design and the Brand Extension Hub, headed by the Politecnico di Milano, was born from the meeting of two women, friends and entrepreneurs: Antonella DiLeopublisher and managing director of Wise SocietyAnd Nicoletta Poli Poggiaroni, for a long time at the head of his historic agency Marketing Consultants. Together they have strongly believed in this project which has among its objectives that of promoting a new culture ofinclusionof respect, of meritocracy.

«An extra gear», explains Antonella Di Leo, «is that of the girl who started out on a third-hand truck and is now at the helm of one of the most important logistics companies in Italy. Or that of the architect who started off by furnishing a hairdressing salon and is now at the top of the skyscrapers of Milan. The same extra gear of the young milliner who started from a small workshop in the Rome of the Dolce Vita to become the queen of haute couture in swimwear and fascinate Hollywood divas with her creations. Different women, like all the 22 described in the book, with their different personalities, sometimes poles apart, but with a common characteristic: the ability to go beyond imagination and effort, to carry out the enterprise and achieve levels of excellence for which you really need an extra gear. Stories from which emerge difficulties, fragility and strokes of genius of people who had to fight to reach the top, sometimes supported by the family and sometimes not. Female warriors in silk armoralways committed to demonstrating “that they are up to it”, strong and delicate, sensitive at the same time, an example also for the new generations in an increasingly competitive society which too often instills in our young people who leave school and university the fear of the future and of the world of work, victims of a reality represented by the media narrative as a jungle”.

Book one step ahead

The book published by Wise Society comes out in bookstores on November 22nd.

Very topical themes in a world where it is difficult to give true fulfillment to that gender equality which are often talked about but not followed up on concrete actions in the daily life of each of us and, at a higher level, in the various corporate, political-institutional, normative. Certainly in Italy, but even more so in countries where many rights, even basic ones, are not recognized.

«The women who tell about themselves in our book», underlines Nicoletta Poli Poggiaroni, «are wives, mothers, women who fight against prejudices. Pioneers and champions who succeed in transforming markets and needs with their intuitions. Women who, with passion, dedicate themselves to their projects, while maintaining the commitment of their affections and family in a world where, unfortunately, working women are still viewed with prejudice”.

November 22: bookshop release and presentation of the book in Milan

The book presentation event, which includes a talk show and a closing cocktail, organized with the sponsorship of Azimuth group who enthusiastically embraced the idea behind this project, will be held in Milan on November 22nd at 6 pm at Palazzo Barozzi of the Institute for the Blind Foundationhistoric and very evocative place of the Lombard capital.

A non-random choicewho sees the tireless in the Milanese Foundation commitment to inclusion and the full scholastic and work, social and cultural integration of the blind, the visually impaired and the visually impaired. And precisely in this direction goes the choice of the Publisher to make the book available also in version audiobooks.

The authors of the book: Manila Alfano, Giorgio Gandola and Stefano Zurlo

The book tells the story of the 22 female entrepreneurs in the public aspects but also and above all in the more personal ones and unpublished thanks to the delicate, but at the same time profound and never predictable story of the three authors who have already signed several other books in the past: Manila Alfano44 years old, journalist of the newspaper the newspaper and a previous long experience in several other publications, George Gandola64 years old, journalist and essayist, today editorialist of the newspaper The truth founded by Maurizio Belpietro and collaborator of Panorama and several other major newspapers, e Stephen Zurlo59 years old, signature de the newspaperas well as author, presenter and columnist of various television programs.

The editorial staff

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An extra gear: the Wise Society book dedicated to Italian female entrepreneurs