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“L’abbraccio” will be released on January 6th
the new song of The Fox Sophia!

Sophia the fox returns with a fantastic new song produced and composed by its author Andrew Lucisanophilosopher, artist, director and musician, who wrote both the text and the music.

Original, festive and joyful, the song has an energetic poetic message well embroidered on a Caribbean rhythm in a salsa key, with a lively trend that will make all the children in schools dance who will use the song as a theme song. It will also be sung during the next concerts that the fox Sophia held in various Italian squares.

After the restrictions and closures due to past events, just to celebrate a new rebirth, many are already ready to celebrate world hug day, scheduled for Saturday 21 January in calendars around the world. For this date, the teachers of many schools are organizing to organize an event in which the children will celebrate the symbolic gesture of the embrace. The goal is to set up a free national emotional education campaign for healthy emotional literacy to give to the new generations.

A charitable purpose for which the fox Sophia and its author Andrew Lucisano they have been working since 2012, the year in which the first episode of the TV series was made, presented in the most important children’s film festivals.

Loved by all children and their parents, and followed by teachers, the fox Sophia she is the only extraordinary protagonist of the first philosophical television series produced in Italy, made up of 11 episodes in which the likeable character converses with human beings and philosophers (but also with a criminal) questioning himself on important questions of daily life.

The first episode on legality entitled “Sophia the Fox and the Sun Riddle” it has had considerable success at a national level because it is the only philosophical animated audiovisual product that deals with the subject of justice explained to the new generations.

Andrew Lucisano he then produced and made another 10 episodes in a TV series with the participation of the philosopher Aldo Masullo by title “Dialogues between the forest and the city”.

Sophia the fox is an artistic, multidisciplinary and extraordinary animated project that was created to spread valuable, virtuous messages, to improve the quality of life of the new generations and educate them to beauty.


– Hello Andrea, welcome to our magazine. Can you tell us how the Sophia fox project was born? When and how did you get the idea to make this nice character?

I had the idea of ​​creating an imaginary philosophical animal, a curious little fox called Sophia, to shine a new light on children through a series of poetic actions within their reach. I invented this little fox because I wanted her to be able to communicate to children and the new generations the desire to marvel and be amazed by the beauty of life with her curiosity and her desire to know. In a nutshell, I wanted to bring light and hope to the new generations.

Sophia, which from the ancient Greek means “wisdom”. This is why Sophia the fox is curious and always wants to know and learn. She represents the joy that lies in sharing the discovery of truth.

The fox Sophia investigates the themes of life and the questions that concern great ideals, through a philosophical investigation that leads her to discover the fundamental reasons, the deepest reasons, which she shares with the little ones and with their parents, favoring, supporting an intergenerational dialogue. The power of the question and of the cognitive research manages to unhinge the preconceptions that adults often use to protect themselves from the uncomfortable philosophical interrogation that would force them to leave the comfort zones mental to enter uncomfortable paths never traced by the mind. But if you think about it, isn’t that why children come into the world? These little angels fallen from a boundless sky have a special function in the world, that of awakening the souls of adults from the torpor of the sleep of reason. And the fox Sophia represents precisely this purpose, in a powerful mix of wisdom and naivety, maturity and innocence. Fatal to many who find her impertinent and insolent with her extraordinary spontaneity.

I made a TV series in which this protagonist meets various characters and talks to them about important issues. In the first episode, which I made in 2012, the fox Sophia accidentally meets a fugitive who, because he has stolen money from the citizens of his community, is forced to live hidden in a bunker and cannot get out. The criminal spends his days counting money. But when Sophia the fox talks to him about happiness and the meaning of life, he is forced to admit to himself that, despite counting millions of euros a day, he lives a miserable life. This episode entitled “The Sophia fox and the solar riddle” was very successful in Italy and was used by the Ministry of Education and the MIUR in a national competition for kindergartens.

Subsequently, I made another 10 episodes that see the fox Sophia as the protagonist of fascinating dialogues with a great Italian philosopher named Aldo Masullo, one of the greatest Italian thinkers of the 20th century.

When I write for the fox Sophia, like a sculptor working the marble, I sculpt the words and verses to obtain a joyful and moving poetic that the children are able to understand. The goal that I set myself is certainly that of elevating souls and hearts towards the highest peaks of philosophical poetry.

I’m an author but first of all I’m a musician and for me the lyrics are like scores in which sound and meaning form the wings of an eagle that carries the audience away until the strings of feelings vibrate: so then the songs are born, which I realize through a work of combination between the musical and the literary part. It’s a commitment that kidnaps my soul but that makes me often come back as a winner with a new original song for the children, their parents, teachers, teachers to listen to. The fox Sophia is in fact much loved in schools and through my association La Danza delle Farfalle, of which I am president, I create educational shows that enchant and move children and their teachers.

What is this new song about?

The song I wrote and which is called “L’abbraccio” is meant to be a hymn to the gift of affection which is concretely realized with the symbolic gesture of the embrace. The Latin arrangement gives a joyful charge to the song which releases a desire to dance and be together. The lyrics are poetic and express the healing importance of exchanging affection because, as I say in the song, “a hug is a gift you give and the more you give it the more he will come back”. With this song I launch the acronym of the World Hug Day which is set for January 21st in calendars around the world. I composed this song to give the children of our nation a common song, a dance that can make them feel part of a larger community, to spread friendship and good feelings even among the little ones and consequently also to their parents. and relatives.

– Ah… and what events are planned for World Hug Day? And how will Sophia the fox be active and present in reference to these events?

Many teachers are preparing to make children listen and learn this song. Some are planning flashmobs, others will use it, as they have already done with many of my other previously composed songs (see for example “Il Carro Amato” or “La Danza delle Farfalle”, in their school essays, with all the children who will a stage action, in this case embracing each other and celebrating the joy of friendship. What is friendship, in fact, if not an exchange, a reciprocal gift that grows if nourished by several parties at the same time? Here is the meaning of this song: the invitation to make children aware of the great value of RECIPROCITY. From North to South, from Lombardy to Calabria, from Tuscany to Sicily, in several regions, friendly teachers are preparing this event. From Palermo to the Island of Elba, many schools will be united in this event related to the world hug day in which they will use the song of the fox Sophia as the theme song.

There will also be a live concert in which Sophia the fox will be on stage singing her songs accompanied by musicians but the venue is still to be defined. I’ll keep you up-to-date…

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Andrea Lucisano: The fox Sophia launches the theme song of the World Hug Day | The Quorum