Anne JKN, the tycoon who bought the most famous pageant in the world

the billionaire Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip was proclaimed as the savior of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. After 70 editions choosing the 70 most beautiful women in the world, the contest seen by more than 500 million people a year in 165 countries it was going through an economic crisis that motivated its sale.

According to him new york posthad so many financial difficulties that it even postponed its 71st edition for the year 2023 until there is a buyer of the franchise Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

In this way, the founder and executive director of JKNGlobal Groupthe most important media company in Thailand, rescued the organization by buying the rights to the contest from IMG Worldwide LLC by $20 million.

Jakkaphong, with a fortune of $170 million according to Forbesis the tthird richest transgender person in the world and not only is she a major figure on Thai television but she is an activist for the rights of the LGBTI+ community.

Now, as the first transgender woman in charge of Miss Universe, she expressed in a statement that she will seek to make the contest more inclusive and diverse. “We seek not only to continue the legacy of providing a platform for passionate people with different backgrounds and experiences, cultures or traditions, but also to evolve the brand for new generations.”

In the same way, he pointed out that they will work so that Miss Universe is celebrated with most often in Thailandas a way to boost the economy and benefit your country from the tourism it generates.

“Never stop moving forward”

Hard work is the key to success for this powerful woman from 43 yearswho went from being a gas station worker to a billionaire owner of 15 companies distribution of content, beverages, food supplements and beauty products.

After graduating from Australian Bond University, where he studied International Relations, returned to Bangkok to help run his family’s video rental business and gradually build his company. Her content expanded and she pioneered bringing Indian TV shows to Thailand.

“We never stop improving and developing our business. We move forward without waiting for the opportunity to come, ”she mentioned in an interview for Bangkok Post.

In 2019, Anne was the first Thai and the first transgender woman to receive the award. Asian Middle Woman of the Year at the Content Asia Summit in Singapore and in 2022 was chosen Woman of the Year in his country.

Difficult childhood, dream adulthood

During her childhood she studied at an all-male school in Thailand, where she was the target of bullying due to her gender identity, a fact that made her drop out of school and work at a gas station to have income.

In an interview for The Times of India she stated that she always felt like a woman and often wore her mother’s clothes in childhood. Her transition began in Sydney and her 30 years It has been made 10 reconstruction surgeries.

Also, for Hindustan Times He noted that before speaking openly about his gender identity, he kept a low profile and did not attend social events, nor did he have friends.

She now fights for the rights of her community with the Life Inspired For Transsexual Foundation, which she created and actively works to make other companies open to employing transgender people. She currently lives the best moment of her enjoying her success and sharing with her family, made up of her boyfriend and two children, procreated through surrogacy.


  • He studied International Relations at Australia’s Bond University.
  • Certificates: Real Estate Development from Chulalongkorn University and Directors Accreditation Program (DAP) from the Thai Institute of Directors Association.
  • Recognitions: In 2019 Asia Media Woman of the Year and in 2022 Woman of the Year in Thailand.

Anne JKN, the tycoon who bought the most famous pageant in the world