Aulafilm promotes the creation of School Film Clubs

The publicly funded Primary Education or Special Education centers that are selected in the call will receive the necessary resources free of charge to design and give life to their own school film club: they will have the advice of the cultural mediation team throughout the school year of classroomfilm to introduce its students to a wide catalog of more than 180 films accompanied by didactic resources. In addition, they will be able to participate in the inter-centre online meetings and in the educational morning sessions with invited filmmakers that will be held between the months of January and June in different cinemas in the city.

Projections of the Cineclubs Aulafilm of the I Call in Madrid With the complicity of the teaching staff and during school hours, Aulafilm introduces cultural mediation practices in the school that encourage the appreciation of cinematographic art in children and young people. “This program seeks to facilitate and inspire the work of teachers so that all girls and boys have the same opportunities to grow, questioning limiting stories, broadening their horizons and feeding their imaginations with the richness of perspectives provided by the diversity of cinema,” she explains. Helena Fernández, director of Aulafilm.

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The interdisciplinary nature of cinema favors that teachers from different areas can work cross-sectionally with ease. The various educational activities that surround the viewing of films, characteristics of school film clubs, seek to develop critical thinking, stimulate creativity and empathy in students, as well as contribute to improving school life in the center, by opening new spaces for girls and boys to reflect in depth and debate thanks to the cinema.

The II Call for Aulafilm School Film Clubs of the city of Madrid has the support of the Government Area for Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council and with the collaboration of the newspaper Magisterio and DeCine21.

The diversity of cinema from school

The educational centers that are selected will be able to introduce their students to film classics such as The boy of Chaplin, The machinist of the general of Buster Keaton or My uncle by Jacques Tati; animated film gems The Song of the Sea, The Red Turtle, The Boy and the World either Look, my little sister; recent European film successes such as The Little Prince, The Rookie either Wonderland; as well as international productions such as the green bike either Supa Mode, that will open a window to the world.

In the previous Call for Aulafilm School Film Clubs in the city of Madrid, eight educational centers from six Madrid districts were selected: CPB San Eugenio and San Isidro, CEIP Emilia Pardo Bazán, CEIP Vázquez de Mella, Colegio Virgen del Pilar Compañía de María, CEIP Estados United States of America – Huarte de San Juan, Bernadette School, CEIP Giner de los Ríos and CEIP García Morente. Its first edition did not have an easy start, since the outbreak of the pandemic in the 2019/2020 academic year forced the suspension of activities. However, the program was extended during the 2020/2021 academic year, overcoming distances and isolation thanks to inter-centre meetings and online activities, in which nearly 1,000 schoolchildren and a hundred teachers participated. In this new edition of the Aulafilm School Film Clubs program, the movie theater experience will regain a special role and it is estimated that more than 2,500 students from the city of Madrid will be able to participate.

Bases of participation and online information session

Centers may submit their applications before the December 22th through the Aulafilm website, where the bases of the call that includes the evaluation system of the candidacies and the requirements for participation in the program are published. Among other aspects, the creativity Y transversality of the project, the motivation of each application and the degree of support of the teaching teams and families with which each request counts.

The call will be presented in detail on the day November 29 at 5:30 p.m., in an online information session where teaching staff and families will be able to resolve their doubts about the educational program and the selection process of participating centers. Those interested in attending the session must request their place through the registration form enabled at this link:

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