Autism spectrum disorder: Leo’s world arrives on TV

How does a child with autism spectrum disorder see and experience the world? To reveal it to us today is Leo’s worlda project that represents a new, important step forward in the offer of inclusive cartoons.

It is in fact the first Italian animated series which tells the adventures of a child with autism spectrum disordera neurodevelopmental disorder which, according to estimates by the Ministry of Health, involves in Italy as many as 1 child out of 77 (ages 7-9 years) and which, according to Angsa (National Association of Parents of People with Autism), affects a total of around 600,000 people and consequently families.

The protagonist of the series is Leo, a child who sees the world in a special way, all his own: «He loves following ants, wearing striped T-shirts, counting stars and smelling the smell of baked bread. And if he puts one thing in his head it’s very difficult to make him change his mind ». Fortunately, at his side are his best friend, the soft toy Babù, and his dachshund, the tender Lola: it is thanks to their company that Leo always finds a solution to all problems, even to those that seem insurmountable, learning, through the power of the imagination, how much fun can hide too behind an unexpected event, a novelty, daily habits. In short, to those situations that can be difficult to deal with for all preschoolers but even more so for those with autism spectrum disorder, like little Leo.

The objective of the series, produced by Rai Kids and Brand Cross, is in fact that to stimulate the habit of certain behaviors in children with autism which are not always as simple or obvious for them as they are for others, based on scientific belief that the language of cartoons is a valid way to overcome some barriers that prevent children on the autistic spectrum from enjoying normal educational opportunities.

How it was born Leo’s world

The series, which received the contribution of Ministry of Culturewas created with the scientific advice of Professor Emeritus of General Psychology Paolo Moderatoone of the highest authorities on the subject who provided his support for the realization of the project and to ensure that every smallest detail, at the level of music, images, colors and dialogues, best meet the needs of children with autism.

«Leo’s World is not a teaching tool, or rather it’s not just that, it’s an accessible world, in which a child with an autism spectrum disorder can feel at ease and enjoy this fantastic world, tuning into the environment, and where he can stay with his own special sensations – Professor Moderato explained during the presentation press conference – It was designed from the beginning in all its aspects, stories, drawings, dialogues, music, taking into account what are the distinctive psychological characteristics of many children with autismbased on scientific knowledge that we have accumulated to date”.

Autism spectrum disorder: Leo’s world arrives on TV