Aversa, traffic chaos with schools reopening. Goliath: “New traffic plan soon”

Aversa (Caserta) – Bitter return of the Aversans, especially with the beginning of the school year. September marked the return to the daily problems of all time, but, above all, to that traffic perennial of which traces were lost between July and August. Via Roma, via dell’Archeologia, via Garofano, piazza Fuori Sant’Anna, via Costantinopolijust to indicate the most central streets, they are continually traveled by hundreds of vehicles that make it impossible for those who have chosen alternative means, such as bicycles and motorcycles, to pass through, precisely to escape the caudine forks of traffic. – continue below –

Traffic that causes not only blockages, but also that “malaria” which brought the mayor Alfonso Golia to issue, in recent months, an order forbidding the entry into the city of non-resident owners of old cars. A measure which, it must be pointed out, has never become effective as there have been no controls. The ordinance was to be considered a due act precisely to try to improve the quality of the air which is among the most polluted in Campania, as shown by the surveys of theArpac (Regional Agency for the Environment of Campania). Everything is made even more serious by the absurd behavior of those who, to save the cost of parking in the blue lines, park practically where they happen without caring too much about the inconvenience it causes to other motorists. The situation should improve Urban Plan Traffic which, according to the announcements of the deputy mayor with delegation to the branch Marco Villanoit should be ready and delivered by the department of Engineering of the Vanvitelli Universitywith the professor Armando Cartenìand, therefore, feasible in a relatively short time. – continue below –

The interventions of city politics should also be recorded on the subject of traffic. “As expected, – said the opposition councilor of the ‘Group for Aversa’ on the subject Gianluca Goliath – the start of school activities also led to the resumption of the age-old and ever-present traffic problem. Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of cars that move during the entrance and exit hours of the schools, sees the drastically congestion of the main streets and adjacent to the schools; this phenomenon, now sadly crystallized, determines, in addition to the negative data for traffic, also the negative data linked to the increase in exhaust gases and therefore to fine dust in the air, increasing the risks associated with health ». “I sincerely hope – concluded Gianluca Golia – that the new commander of the local police, the colonel Antonio Piricelliis able to implement an incisive action also in this area, waiting for the administration to finally rapidly adopt a serious and useful Urban Traffic Plan ». – continue below –

“Traffic – said the mayor Alfonso Golia for his part – is one of the many problems that afflict large cities like Aversa. There are several factors that influence this phenomenon. There lack of public transport on the one hand, and the strong attractiveness of the city at certain peak times such as those of entry into schools or of employees in important offices such as universities, courts, revenue agencies, INPS and more. Obviously we are trying to remedy through the new urban traffic plan that takes into account the phenomena exposed. We got a financing for five electric school buses. Furthermore, a meeting with theAir Campania to expand internal transport and the construction of cycle paths is underway ».

Aversa, traffic chaos with schools reopening. Goliath: “New traffic plan soon” – Pupia.tv