Arrived in third position, Louis Alexandre, who dreams of the seventh art, is very proud to have aroused 116 votes. “I was not aware, at the start, that I was in this competition, but in the end, I am happy to see that we marked the Chartrains and the people of Eure-et-Loir with all that I have been able to do this year in terms of cinema. It’s an encouragement…”, he believes.

Who will be the young Eurelian personality of the year 2022? Reply on January 1

From the top of his 16 years, the actor-director had already had a small glimpse of the enthusiasm that arouses his first steps behind and in front of a camera. On November 17, the preview screening of his film 180 daysin his presence and that of his film crew, at the cinema Les Enfants du Paradis, in Chartres, had attracted more than 400 people.

To be wise

At the end of the session, this film, dealing with school pressure and harassment, aroused very enthusiastic reactions from the spectators. “The exchange with the room is very important. I had a lot of very good feedback on talking about this theme. We got feedback from parents. People cried, we are not happy about it, but the goal was to touch people. »

At 16, Louis Alexandre presents his first film, 180 days, at the Chartres cinema, this Thursday evening

Delighted with this promising start, the young Chartrain keeps his head on his shoulders and cultivates his motivation every day to continue his merry way in the cinema, as an actor and director.

“It’s a way to express yourself, to address themes, to convey messages. There is this need to create, to express something…” For him, this desire is reflected in the writing of scripts in particular, work on the way of approaching the image…
Among his projects, Louis Alexandre should make a documentary on the city of Chartres, at the request of an elected official, and shoot a series next spring.

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Full house and emotion for Louis Alexandre, the young director from Chartres

Awards – Louis Alexandre, actor and director from Chartres, is third in the Eurélien competition of the year 2022