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La Calandreta is a free and secular school. The education provided follows the National Education programs, introducing a fundamental component: bilingualism. Calandreta Pergosina and Calandreta Bel Solhel in Bergerac are the only ones in the Dordogne to offer a real educational project based on linguistic immersion and the benefits of early bilingualism. Within the Calandretas, the children practice Occitan in immersion throughout the day and their activities.

An associative school in the Occitan color

Beyond the school dimension, the Calandreta is also an association, to which each family is called upon to join. She is the guarantor of the project and plays a management role, in order to ensure, with the teachers, the smooth running of the school.

Éric Sudrat, the director of this Occitan school, likes to highlight the fact that bilingual education creates an open mind for the students of this school.

The association’s resources come from local authorities (subsidies or provision of premises, equipment, staff), members (contributions), actions carried out by its members (concerts, sales of derivative objects, parties, etc.) .

  • Active pedagogies: The Freinet method and its tools invite each child to flourish in this micro-society that is the class. He learns to situate himself in the group. He is initiated into responsibility, listening, citizenship.
    With institutional pedagogy, he is an actor in his learning, respected in his rhythms and his desire… guided on a path of autonomy.
  • Bilingualism: The method used is that of early linguistic immersion. The earlier bilingualism is, the more natural it is, the better the development of intellectual mechanisms in children which open them up to other living languages ​​of course, but also to other more abstract languages ​​such as mathematics.
    Occitan-French bilingualism (Limousin for La Calandreta Pergosina) is within everyone’s reach. The linguistic and cultural environment is decisive for the establishment of true bilingualism.
  • Joining forces to make school: Each Calandreta establishment is run by an association, which must obtain the approval of the Confederation. The association and the educational team guarantee the implementation of the Calandretas Charter.
    To develop its project, Calandreta builds effective collaboration between local authorities, teachers and parents. The use of Occitan is favored as the language of use for the whole life of the school
  • Cultural action: Each Calandreta establishment leads an Occitan cultural action and is linked to the cultural life of its environment. This gives meaning to the language for the calandrons, encourages the Calandreta, improves conviviality and cohesion, and moreover also finances the operation of the establishment.
    This cultural action in the public square finally contributes to the recognition of the Calandreta movement by the population and institutions.

To contact the Occitan school “Calandreta Pergosina” in the heart of Périgueux: 21 Rue Béranger 24000 Périgueux, 05 24 13 46 80 –

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Agenda of Occitan events in the Dordogne

  • September 17: Ball with Socam at Tocane Saint Apre / Sarliac sur l’isle – Bourrées du berry workshop with Patrick Graval And ball with the duo Debecdelièvre-Séli and La Machine
  • September 17: Heritage Days in Chéronnac 3 p.m.-6 p.m. hike along the Tardoire / 7.30 p.m. Concert by the duo Peuch/deltheil
  • September 18 in Saint Louis en Lisle Concert of the Paratge Choir at the church – 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 24 September at 8.30 p.m. at the Séchoir d’Aillac in Carsac-Aillac: Show La Geste d’Espantal – Daniel L’Homond and Neyla Entraygues

Musical programming of the show:

  1. Dançatz project / Lo lebeton
  2. Lou Seriol / Darbon
  3. Mbraia / Joan de nivela
  4. Laurent Cavalié / Charraire
  5. Moizbat / Las filhas de Marzac
  6. Mossu T e lei jovents / Forever polida
  7. Duet Brotto-Milleret / Good morning

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