Bari, Amadeus inaugurates the first CESVI House of Smiles in Italy

BARI – Amadeus inaugurated the first Italian Casa del Sorriso in Bari, a few days before the International Day of the Rights of the Child (November 20), which recognizes girls and boys as holders of civil, social, political, cultural and economic. The television presenter was an exceptional godfather, after the guests of the show ‘I soliti ignoti’ he hosted on Rai1 destined the proceeds of the winnings for December 2021 and the first week of January 2022 to the projects of the CESVI Foundation against poverty and child abuse in our country. Thanks to the more than 500 thousand euros raised by the game show, the humanitarian organization has intensified its activities to prevent and combat educational poverty, neglect and abuse, also bringing to Italy the model of its structures already present in other areas of the world, which offer hospitality , support and services for children and their families.

The Casa del Sorriso di Bari is located in the San Paolo district and welcomes minors and vulnerable families in the area. Fondazione CESVI works there with the Giovanni Paolo II Onlus Foundation, in a multifunctional space that combines activities of psychological support, listening and orientation, support for parenting, sporting and recreational proposals, contrast to educational poverty. To strengthen the development and improvement of the skills of girls and boys, psychomotricity and sport introduction activities, educational, expressive and recreational workshops, prevention and information courses are proposed. The actions are carried out thanks to the work of psychologists, social workers and educators, to the local partner John Paul II Foundation, as well as with the involvement of the local community, to raise awareness and disseminate good practices.

«Celebrating Children’s Rights Day with a concrete action to help and support the most fragile children makes us extremely proud, because there is nothing more uplifting than guaranteeing, also through one’s work, the protection of fragile. During the Covid emergency, RAI for ESG sustainability chose to support some categories most affected by the pandemic: we immediately embraced the cause of CESVI, a Bergamo-based NGO that has been involved in the protection of children for years, but we never imagined reaching such an ambitious goal » said Amadeus.

Puglia, according to the regional index on child maltreatment in Italy[1] curated by the CESVI Foundation, it is among the Italian Regions where being a child is more risky. Stable compared to 2021 and below the national average, Puglia occupies the 17th position of the Index followed by Calabria (18th), Sicily (19th) and Campania (20th) and is therefore confirmed as a region high criticality”, with a particularly difficult territorial situation both for risk factors and for the offer of services. In the first positions of the index are instead, in order, Emilia-Romagna, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tuscany and Liguria.

The CESVI Foundation’s Case del Sorriso have existed for years in various places around the world, where they offer programs dedicated to childhood and to people going through situations of fragility, in contexts of poverty and in the degraded suburbs of big cities. The structures are active, inter alia, in Brazil, Haiti, India, South Africa, Peru and Zimbabwe. These are places that offer services and hospitality of various kinds: from protected play spaces to the distribution of meals, from support for school activities to personal hygiene, addressing both girls and boys, mothers and families in difficulty.

«For years now, CESVI has intensified its commitment in favor of minors in difficulty in Italy, bringing there its consolidated experience in the world. With the Case del Sorriso we want to contribute to the fight against child abuse, poverty and neglect, to combat early school leaving and to encourage children in vulnerable situations to achieve their ambitions», said Roberto Vignola, deputy director general of the CESVI Foundation.

Bari, Amadeus inaugurates the first CESVI House of Smiles in Italy