bd BOUM in Blois on November 18, 19 and 20, 2022

It’s soon the three shots bd BOUM in Bloisan unmissable event, which takes place on November 18, 19 and 20, 2022. And as every year it will be plentiful with more than 200 authors present, exhibitions, thematic meetings on very varied themes, films, not to mention school children and the ACBD, comic book journalists who meet in Blois to choose their annual prize and meet publishers on Saturday 19 November.

220 cartoonists are present at the festival in 2022. Invitations are made in partnership with the publishing houses, Ankama, Bamboo, Casterman, Dargaud, Delcourt-Soleil, Denoël Graphic, Dupuis, Maghen, Futuropolis, Glénat, Le Lombard, Michel Lafon, Jungle-Steinkis-Phileas and Sarbacane, are finalized at the start of the school year in September in order to promote new products. The other editorial structures manage their invitations. We remember that it is Édith, Grand Boum – Ville de Blois 2021 who therefore presides over the edition of the bd BOUM de Blois 2022 festival. The bd BOUM poster is signed by Édith who imagined a designer transposed into a 16th century whimsical. Her dress is adorned with salamanders, the emblem of François I. She inks her boards with quill pen, no doubt inspired by a story written in “Vieux François”. The golden yellow sky illuminates the city during the fall, extending the summer of Saint-Martin.

Mathieu Lauffray For the exhibitions that cannot all be mentioned, there will still be Jim Hawkins, Lauffray sets sail, Rock, vinyls & guitars Where David Sala. Very varied encounters with Carte blanche to ZOO le Mag, Conference Pif and communism 1969-1993 exciting and indeed historical subject, a Tribute to Jean-Claude Mézières and an Round table Algeria 54-62, The phantom war in French-speaking comics. Without forgetting a meeting with the friend Joël Alessandra. bd BOUM will also be present with school students.

We can also remember to finish that the association bd BOUM was born in 1984, in Blois, on the initiative of social workers, teachers and militants of Popular Education. Its objective is to develop a literary event that participates in the dissemination and promotion of comics by encouraging encounters between works, authors and audiences. It is a cultural event, major of the ninth art in France, vector of dynamism within a territory. bd BOUM brings together different partners, in harmony with the book ecosystem and promotes editorial diversity by placing the author and his work at the heart of this event. The festival develops artistic, educational, social and civic orientations through the development of its programming and by facilitating crossovers with other disciplines. Meetings of authors, workshops of artistic practices and shows are offered for schoolchildren. A professional day, a scriptwriting course, conferences, literary cafés, debates, music and cinema are scheduled for all audiences.

The Rolling Stones The festival is free to promote accessibility to all and takes into account the diversity of audiences. Different prizes are awarded each year, the juries are made up of young readers to encourage them to form a personal opinion and encourage them to defend it by arguing or by comic book or education professionals. The Grand Boum – Ville de Blois is awarded each year to an author for all of their work. The festival is committed to an eco-responsible approach by reducing its negative impacts on the environment, promoting the local economy, respecting the health and safety of people, allowing access to all and promoting the values ​​of development. sustainable with the participants.

David Sala

bd BOUM in Blois on November 18, 19 and 20, 2022