Blog | In the elections I will vote blank: I don’t trust anyone. Especially on the school

And the elections arrived. Of course, anticipate. Fantozzi who felt very much his right and duty to citizen participated as always in uncertainty, indecision and fear of making mistakes, once again. He then began to read everything, from the extreme right to the extreme left … Then he said he was ill and shut himself up in the television room at home …

Unlike the protagonist of the “Fantozzi still undergoes” filmed by Black Relatives and released in theaters in 1983, I’m not afraid of making mistakes once again. And I have no indecision. Nor uncertainty. Nor fear of making a mistake. I didn’t need to get sick to stay home and watch all sorts of political programs on TV. I listened to what I could. On the other hand, I am regularly informed about what, very much, that was said and the very little that was done. Above all, I have read and reread the programs. All. Dwelling on the issues that interest me most. On those in which I “move” for professional reasons. In short, culture and education. More specifically, school And University.

“Reviving schools, universities and research,” he says Brothers of Italy. “Knowledge is power: education, culture and socialization” assures the Pd. “For training: because schools, universities and research are the foundations of our society”, promises Movement. The Instruction for the League? “Discover and enhance talents and ‘vocations’ to leave no one behind”. School, university and research for Action-Italia Viva? “We must recover effectiveness and offer young people concrete prospects for cultural and professional growth”. I was not struck by anything I read, I confess. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to verify some issues. For example that for FdI education comes after a “Free for young people” which more than a real objective seems to be an abused slogan. Or that for the Democratic Party “Work, pensions and inequalities” precede “Knowledge”. Again, that for the Movement the formation has less importance than respect for civil rights. Again, that for Forza Italia the young people are determined. More than the School. Notations irrelevant mine? Maybe. Although perhaps some clue they offer. On the real priorities of the various parties.

I repeat: there has not been a single proposal that has made me waver. On the other hand, which one could have done it? “Putting merit back at the center of the school and university system, for pupils and teaching staff” or the “Contrast to early school leaving”, perhaps the “Extraordinary intervention on school construction, for safe schools?” how do you think FdI will do? He should have provoked me uncertainty the proposal of the Democratic Party, but also of the M5s, to “put the school back at the center and restore the dignity and the centrality it deserves, guaranteeing adequate and continuous training and aligning salaries to the European average within the next five years “? Should I have been struck by the “fundamental interventions” promised by the League? In particular, those that envisage the “reconciling inclusion and evaluation of students” and “overcoming the precariousness”? I should have stayed displaced from the idea of ​​Action-Italia Viva to reintroduce the National Evaluation System?

In many cases the proposals for the elections on 25 September are the same as those put forward for the previous election. And also for those still earlier. Apart from FdI, the parties that are now proposing are the same ones that, despite having governed, together or separately, in the last quarter of a century at least, they did nothing to make something happen. Is it possible that the opportunities that must be offered to political forces are endless? Is it possible that “the right time” is always the next?

I would like to have some faith in what they ensure they will do for the school Read and Melons, With you and Salvini, Berlusconi and Calenda & Renzi. Unfortunately, I have a habit of evaluating the work done, as well as the results. Because of this I don’t believe him. I don’t believe their promises. Moreover. I fear that their ruling class is generally unable to propose convincing solutions to the long-standing problems of the school. If only because he has no direct experience of it.

Of course I will go to vote. Out of civic sense, of course. But no one can count on my preference. I will deliver form white. With the hope of being wrong and being proven wrong by the actions.

Blog | In the elections I will vote blank: I don’t trust anyone. Especially on the school – Il Fatto Quotidiano