Blue Path. The Lilt prevention campaign for men

Maria Beatrice Crisci

-From 23 to 30 November the LILT Raise public awareness of prostate cancer prevention. The president Lilt Caserta Angela Maffeo underlines: «After testicular and penile cancer, it represents the third cause of death among the neoplasms that affect men all over the world. In Italy 55 males out of 100,000 get sick and even if the disease has improved the prognosis and therefore decreased mortality, the incidence increases with increasing age. Until recently, these tumors represented a real taboo. Today, prevention, allowing information and awareness campaigns and spreading the culture and possibility of early diagnosis, has led to an attitude of greater openness and greater interest in this type of pathology”.

The President of LILT Caserta then states that for some years now numerous visiting sessions have been held in the province, which have seen the collaboration of the Aversa Hospital and the Morrone Diagnostic Center. Is early diagnosis possible? “A urological visit accompanied by a PSA check by means of a blood test makes it possible to identify the subjects at risk in whom further diagnostic investigations can then be performed”. So can the onset of prostate cancer be prevented? «As with many other pathologies, a lifestyle characterized by constant physical activity and a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables are essential in reducing the risk of disease. Also this year we will proceed to collect reservations, as well as for breast visits. Through all means of contact, the email:, the social network READY LILT by calling 351.7367083 or simply by sending a WhatsApp message “.

Maria Beatrice Crisci

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