Brissia: she came out of a children’s reality show, posed in a men’s magazine and now conquers social networks

Brissia Daniela Mayagoitia Ortawho we know only as Brissia Mayagoitia At her young age she has been involved in many controversies as she was romantically related to the late comedian Hector Suarez and she also posed in a men’s magazine, however, she is currently conquering social networks with her talent and beauty.

And it is that, without a doubt, Brissia she has not only an incomparable beauty but a talent that has left more than one with their mouths open, that is why we will tell you more about this beautiful former participant of Survivor Mexico.

Who is Brissia Mayagoitia?

Brissia, was born in Saltillo, Coahuila on August 3, 1991.However, from a very young age she always knew that she wanted to dedicate herself to music and step on big stages, that is how she began her career in 2004when Televisa launched the reality show Fame Code, The curly-haired young woman was part of the second season and managed to get fifth place in the competition.

Years later, he entered a reality show again, this time to look for “The New Timbiriche Band”, her voice stood out from all the rest Brissia She had grown up and she was no longer that sweet girl, she was already beginning to be a teenager who broke hearts.

Due to his vocal talent, Brissia decided to separate from “The New Timbiriche Band” and thus begin her career as a soloist, along with this began the young woman’s first scandals as she had an intense romance with Cesar D’Alessio son of Lupita D’Alessio.

After three years of romance, in 2010 the love ended between Brissia and Cesar D’Alessiofor him 2013 the beautiful woman with curly hair posed totally nude for a famous gentlemen’s publication.

According to herself, this naked dedicated it to the community lesbian-gay from Mexico who, like her, have been victims of bullying or harassment at school, because of this, the rumors about his sexual preference, however, her ex-boyfriend Cesar D’Alessio in an interview he clarified that Brissia likes men.

But without a doubt the biggest controversy in which she has been involved was her alleged romance with the comedian Hector SuarezWell, the whole rumor broke out when some photographs came to light where both celebrities are seen holding hands.

However, said romance was denied both by Brissia As for the comedian, after this controversy the young singer has not been able to stand out as a soloist so far, so she works with some special participation in unit programs such as “La Rosa de Guadalupe” or “As the saying goes”.

In 2021she returned to television for a new reality show, although she already had experience in this type of program, it was something totally different for her since the ones she participated in were about music and this time she entered Survivor Mexicoa survival broadcast.

Despite the fact that he did not reach the final, his career once again had a shine and he was participating in some programs of TV Aztec, however, now he only does a few campaigns with products like cell phones.


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Brissia: she came out of a children’s reality show, posed in a men’s magazine and now conquers social networks