Caravan of Prevention, stop at La Reggia Outlet

-After the great participation last year, McArthurGlen Group has decided to carry out the Pink Tour for Women’s Health also for 2022, involving the five Italian centers and hosting the Komen Italia Prevention Caravan, the National Itinerant Promotion Program of Women’s Health that offers free diagnostic tests.

This year, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 September, the tour that began earlier this month in the other centers of the McArthurGlen Group ends in the spaces of La Reggia. Exceptional godmother of the Maria Grazia Cucinotta project, who has been close to women for years to support the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

The mobile units of Komen Italia will offer free clinical services in the Campania Center for the early diagnosis of breast cancer, with the help of specialized doctors and radiologists and the use of high-tech screening tools. companions will then be donated the now famous Ribbon Rosa by Komen Italia, symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

For McArthurGlen, the protection of women’s health is a priority objective of social commitment. The Group has decided to once again support the Tour Rosa project for Women’s Health, aware of its responsibility within the communities in which it operates and of the importance that the female universe has for the daily life of its Designer Outlets: about 70 % of McArthurGlen store staff and employees are women, as are more than half of the visitors throughout the year.

This second edition of the Tour Rosa is also enriched by a prestigious collaboration with Pinko which has created a special Limited Edition T-Shirt sold in the Pinko stores and at the Caravan of Prevention during the period of the Tour, the proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts will support the activities of Komen Italia. The fashion house of Fidenza is known for supporting initiatives dedicated to the community and today it promotes a relevant message linked to the importance of prevention, thus wanting to take care of its customers.

Protecting women’s health means defending the well-being of a large part of one’s community. Among the diseases that substantially threaten women’s health, breast cancers represent one of the most concrete risks. With over 56,000 new cases a year in Italy alone, in fact, breast cancers are the most frequent malignancies in women. Their incidence is constantly increasing and although they are often treatable cancers, particularly when identified at an early stage, more than 1,000 women in our country lose their lives every month from this disease.

The Coronavirus emergency has put a strain on health facilities and has also caused severe difficulties in cancer care, with significant delays in institutional screening and early diagnosis programs: about 35% fewer screening tests and almost 3,000 women diagnosed later and more difficult cancers to treat.

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