Charlene and Albert of Monaco

Charlène and Albert of Monaco privately commemorated Princess Grace’s 40th birthday, a memory that they perpetuate with their twins.

She lost her life on September 13, 1982 following a terrible car accident while she was with Stephanie of Monaco, her youngest daughter.

After the past two years marked by the Covid, the celebrations will take place this time in privacy, confirmed Prince Albert.

“I think we will go to collect ourselves at his grave, and that we will take a moment with the family”, indicated the prince, who evokes in passing the way in which he keeps the memory of his mother alive with his twins, Gabriella and Jacques. .

The heirs to the Monegasque throne know nothing about their illustrious grandmother, whom they recognize on television.
Jacques and Gabriella, who recently entered school, “know who she was”.

“I had to teach them all that, because I don’t think there are many other people who dare to talk to them about it,” said the Sovereign Prince of the Rock.
“Recently, they saw some snippets of La Main au collet. When I saw it on television, I wanted to show them. They looked a little bit but are not too long in front of the post. “said Prince Albert of Monaco.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco – surprising reaction of their twins to a Princess Grace movie