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CineAtelieran exhibition dedicated to auteur cinema in decentralized territories, back to Poggio a Caiano, on 19 and 20 November. At Cinema Amber various First and Second Works will be screened, followed by awards, exchanges between authors and students who are passionate about cinema. In particular, the actor will be awarded Nicholas Rignanowith the Italian Cinema Awardfor his commitment to first works and the attention towards the cinema of young directors.

The creator of the event is the actress, author and director Emanuela Mascheriniwith Stephen Amadiodirector of the national cinema and audiovisual promotion newspaper The meetings with the authors will be held from 15 to 21 with free admission, subject to availability.

The 2022 edition will focus on some meetings with middle school students Philip Mazzeiwhere a Cinema Workshop came to life in 2021/22 conceived by Mascherini and Amadio, also creators of CineAtelier will. Following this workshop, 6 short films were produced, with the assistance of professional tutors and 2 independent short films, shot with smartphones and digital cameras. Each debut feature in the review will receive an award from Cinemataliano.infodelivered to the author after the screening of his film.

Emanuele Nespeca, president of the CNA Cinema and Audiovisual Toscana Centro, stated as follows: “We are proud to support initiatives such as CineAtelier for a twofold reason; both to reinforce the idea that in Prato and the neighboring territories it is possible to make an economy through art, and because we believe it is essential to enrich the education of children, including the art and culture of cinema in school programs”.

Fundamental to this review is, in fact, the collaboration with the School of Cinema Anna Magnanifrom the province of Prato, and with the group women in the cinema“, a network of cinema and audiovisual professionals that enhances the work of women in the sector. The group will award a prize to a professional whose film production is worthy.

The artistic director Mascherini commented: “It was an important milestone to bring the kids closer to the making of six short films and to see two more produced in a completely independent way, moved by the urgency to tell. We now have a duty to bring these kids back to living in the hall as an exceptional place for sharing”.

The first day of the review will see the screening of the award-winning live/stop motion shorts “Paper Memories” And “Like Leaves“, together with the video clip “The letter“, by the author Theo Putzu, who will meet the students. At 4.00 pm, we will continue with the creations of the “Mazzei” school, while, at 5.00 pm, there will be a screening of the film “Justice palace“, in the presence of the Rignanese actor, also during the second Opera Prima in selection.

To conclude the day, there will be a screening, at 21:00, of the film “Margins“, from Niccolo Falsetti And Francesco Turbanti.

The second day will start at 3.00 pm, with the screening of the short films of the “Anna Magnani” School of Cinema, in the presence of the Director and director Massimo Smuragliaby the screenwriter and musical author Gabriel Marco Cecchi and of the composer Samuel Luca Cecchi. The students who took part in the short films produced by the school will also be present in the room. In addition, the following will be screened: “War” from Catherine BrizziMargherita pizza” from Massimo SmuragliaThe age of innocence” directed by Federica Stefani And “Mr. Butterfly“, always of Massimo Smuraglia. At 16:00, two shorts from the “Filippo Mazzei” school will follow, with a discussion while, at 17:00, the program includes the screening and discussion of the film “Margins“, where one of the co-directors will be present. We will continue with the awarding of the work by and the presentation of the prize CNA Cinema and Audiovisual Tuscany Center.

The review will close with the screening of two other shorts from the “Mazzei” school, with the awarding of the “Mujeres nel cinema” prize and the prize for the best short from the Filippo Mazzei Middle School.

The selected films present an authorial gaze and a personal research path of the directors, which has made them, in the eyes of the organizers, examples of fairness in the representation of both male and female vision.

“This year’s edition – says the deputy mayor and councilor for culture of the Municipality of Poggio a Caiano James Mari – makes us very proud because it hosts, alongside auteur cinema, the works of our young students of the Mazzei school, made last spring in some film laboratories supported by the Municipality and who will have the opportunity to see their commitment and their creativity in such a prestigious context as well as dealing with established directors. Special thanks to Emanuela Mascherini who curated the review together with all the volunteers who supported her and to our Ambra cinema which is committed to welcoming valuable film projects.”

The CineAtelier review is organized by the Italian Cinema Association in collaboration with Film Atelier, thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Poggio a Caiano, with the patronage of CNA Toscana Centro, in collaboration with Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Cinema Teatro Ambra, Media partner and cinemaitaliano. info.

For info: [email protected] or at the number 0558701238

CineAtelier: in Poggio a Caiano an auteur film review and more | Cultures