Corrientes registered more than 76 thousand cases of coronavirus in 2022

Two years and nine months ago the lives of all Corrientes changed radically. It is that since the first confirmed and the total isolation that the world experienced at the beginning of the pandemic, the province of Corrientes registered a total of 196,036 cases of the pandemic virus, which caused the sad sum of 2,136 people who died as a result of not having been able to overcome the disease.

We had to go through different phases throughout this pandemic period, in which we went from a total quarantine, with essential personnel walking the streets, in which journalists did not stop working to offer first-hand information on what was happening in one of the historical periods of this century.

The images of totally empty overcrowded cities were like postcards from post-apocalyptic movies, and in some of them the local fauna once again moved forward on the concrete as there were no human beings in front of them to disturb their walk.

We went through different waves of contagion in which unfortunately 2,136 lives were lost who could not get through the disease that endures throughout the world. The phases followed one another and we saw that the commercial wheel began to start operating, since the economies demanded a return to the activity related to trade so that this financial engine could start again.

But something very important was missing, finding a way to deal with this virus as soon as possible. Pharmaceutical companies were looking for a vaccine for this SAR-CoV-2 virus that relatives, friends, neighbors or acquaintances were taking. The different proposals followed one another and people, initially, in our city came to line up for a whole day to be inoculated against the coronavirus.

After the long-awaited first dose and completing the schemes, people relaxed too much, so much so that a significant number of them did not take the reinforcement doses to avoid that, if they are infected by the virus, the consequences are milder. For this reason, the health authorities have always stressed, and continue to do so, the importance of continuing with booster doses to mitigate this disease.

Despite all this, this last year, compared to the previous ones, was a year of living with the virus. The health authorities themselves stressed that this was going to be the case, but that they are crouching because “we must not lower our arms and always be vigilant before any regrowth, however small it may be,” they remarked.

A 2022 with ups and downs

So far in 2022, when the balance is coming to an end, compared to previous years it was much better, which made it possible for September 21 to not be mandatory in any area to wear a mask to enter.

The return to full face-to-face attendance in the classroom, one of the last activities to return to normality, also marked an important step to get out of the controversial virtual teaching -since the first months were quite chaotic- and return to attending physically to a classroom. This change, according to teachers and professors consulted at the time, was an important step to improve teaching, especially at the age when students had to change their educational level, say from kindergarten to first grade, from sixth grade to first year, and from sixth year to a tertiary or university degree.

In recent months, more precisely on September 19, prior to the non-mandatory use of the mask, the province did not register cases for the second time this year – the first time was May 2 -, and another key day was on October 26, the day in which those in charge of issuing the official report reported that there were no new infected, as well as no active ones, and the figure that we all expected, no internees at the “Escuela Hogar” Field Hospital.

Despite the increase in cases not only in the province of Corrientes, since all of Argentina is going through a rise in the number of infected in this last month of the year that is ending, the numbers do not have the magnitude that was reached when going through the Ómicron variant, but “they are to worry about,” said the Minister of Health of the Province, Ricardo Cardozo, in one of his last interviews of 2022.

The coldness of numbers

In this year, the figures in the province of Corrientes went through having many infected in the first months of 2022, so much so that we ended on December 31, 2021 registering 991 cases, 432 in the Capital and 559 in the interior. The number of active cases with which 2021 closed was 3,449 and the accumulated cases reached 120,874 throughout the provincial territory with 115,814 recovered. That left in the first month of 2022 the sum of 1,820 cases detected in January and a record of deaths of 269 deaths as a result of the pandemic virus, being one of the worst periods of the year.

February left a significant number of cases and a high number of deaths that in the second month of the year reached 115 deaths.

The month of March showed a great decrease in numbers, a period in which 18 deaths and 817 cases were registered. A great decrease after going through the hardest wave in numbers for the province, Argentina and the whole world.

The following months were of constant decrease, which marked the possibility that on September 1 the students of the school establishments of the province return to face-to-face classrooms, an activity that was not suspended and they were able to end the school year in this way. 2022.

A few weeks later, on September 21, Spring Day, the provincial authorities together with the health authorities annulled the mandatory use of the chinstrap in all areas, whether open or closed spaces, leaving those people free will. who wish to continue using the face mask. September was the month of decreases, since 140 new infections and 10 deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 virus were registered.

October began with a new methodology for delivering the official report, the daily numbers were no longer going to be known, since they chose to only send the report on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as their comorbidities.

In the month of November the low numbers for this pandemic continued, but December began to show the trend that has been taking place in the world with the massive increase in infected people. So much so that Corrientes has recorded, with the last report provided yesterday, 547 infected people and 5 deaths to close this 2022.

The year closed with 76,162 infected and 528 deaths, which is why some institutions once again requested the mask, because we have to be clear that this pandemic only gave a truce since it did not end.

Corrientes registered more than 76 thousand cases of coronavirus in 2022