Cosenza, registrations for the “Edu

BEGGAR – Long beard, good smile. The spirit of Ugo Piscitelli (even atheists have one) seems to be circling over the town square now that, after almost forty years, it returns to Mendicino there feast of Unity. Luigi De Cicco and Franco Gaudio are sitting on the (dilapidated) staircase that climbs up to the historic party headquarters. After more than one attempt, the door of old rotten boards finally opens: a small room and an attic. Used, the latter, to keep documents. “We met twice a week. We often stopped to eat and the older companions even brought the bottle of wine ”. It was the end of the seventies. Abortion and divorce were recent achievements. Great battles and local objectives.

Scratching the dominance of the Christian Democrats would not have been easy. Many years had to pass. In 1992 the wind changed and Ugo Piscitelli became the first communist mayor of Mendicino. De Cicco and Gaudio were elected councilors. They remember: “We opened (when there was not yet Cosenza) the first nursery school and then the playroom. We set up a home care service for the elderly. There were no barriers. Everyone could enter and everyone knew exactly what was going on in the Municipality ”. Meanwhile, in the party, in the midst of so many males, a young companion was making room. Today that her political “teacher” is gone, Francesca Reda (since last April secretary of the city club of the Democratic Party) he wanted it to be rediscovered feast of Unity took place in Piazza Municipio, a few steps from that section of the PC where it all began a long time ago. “Ugo Piscitelli has done a lot for the people. He has always been on the side of the weakest, trying to give answers to the needs of citizens. Regardless of who voted for it and who did not vote for it. He knew this town corner by corner, as well as every single Mendicinese in the historic center and in the other hamlets ”.

When Francesca Reda, now a minority municipal councilor, began to do politics Antonio Palermo (current mayor of Mendicino) perhaps he was not yet born. He too now, after having recently left Italia Viva, has joined the large “family” of the Democratic Party. “The third pole of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda, with the current electoral law, is a losing idea that will not make any contribution to the center left. It is for this reason that in the elections of 25 September I will strongly support Enrico Letta’s party ”. With the polls closed, he will certainly take the card of the Democratic Party. “Join the Mendicino club? At the moment I don’t know, then we’ll see ”. Francesca Reda, if that were to be the case, she certainly won’t close the door in his face. On one condition though. “Sooner or later, the mayor Antonio Palermo who administers Mendicino together with the right (the reference is to Angelo Greco, deputy mayor and exponent of the Brothers of Italy) will have to choose definitively which side to be on “. For the moment, Antonio Palermo, sitting as he is in the front row of the feast of Unity Mendicino his place (discussed or not) seems to have found it. And he doesn’t make a problem of it.

He is certainly less “wavering” in his political positions Francesco Gervasiwhich a Left there has always been. At the last administrative “almost” half Mendicino was with him, but the dream of becoming mayor remained in the drawer and he had to sit in the opposition benches. It is he who opens the debate in the town square. “In the age of social networks, it’s nice to go back to politics among the people. So far we have sent inexperienced people to Parliament. We have to turn the page ”.

At the far end of the table he is seated Carlo Guccione. After having lost “the appointment” with Palazzo dei Bruzi, in Rome at least, this time, he would like to get there. And who cares if the odds say spades. “According to the latest polls, 42% of Italians have not yet decided which party to vote for and 60% of these uncertain voters are in the South. The game is open, we can still play it. As long as we go street by street, to convince people ”. Which Guccione must have already started to do, considering that, while he cheers the square, he does not stop for a moment to pull up his pants that seem to fall. His workhorse, as always, is health care with that “deafening silence” of President Occhiuto on the declared will of the Center-right to transfer to the North, once the central government has been conquered, the resources of the NRP destined for the regions of the South. And since this is the Unity Day, about the Cuban doctors, Guccione points out: “Had it been a while ago, I would have gone to welcome them at Lamezia Terme airport waving the red flag. Today, however, it is different ”. And he concludes his speech.


In Mendicino, for the occasion, he arrived as well the mayor of Cosenza Franz Caruso. Strung up in his white adamantine shirt, no one seems to have warned him that, in these parts, when it gets dark, a certain humidity rises. The wind is already waving the flag of the Democratic Party, when Caruso points out: “Inside that symbol there is not only the Democratic Party. There are the Socialists and Article one, the same forces that defeated that one year ago in Cosenza Center-right that now, with many question marks, governs the Region ”. Franz Caruso, as a good socialist, must have remembered Giacomo Matteotti’s heroic sacrifice if he, at a certain point, ventured into (unlikely) historical comparisons: “The rightafter almost a century, next October is preparing to return to the leadership of this country (the reference is to the March on Rome of the Black shirts by Mussolini on October 28, 1922). Returning to the present day, the mayor of Cosenza admits: “After having approved five budgets relating to the past administrations, I am not at all down to finding myself as leader in the Senate of Forza Italia responsible for this financial and organizational collapse”. The name in question, of course, is that of Mario Occhiuto.

There is a common denominator that unites the individual interventions that follow one another. Indeed, an adjective: boorish. There right is always a boor right. It almost looks like a broken record. Yet, looking up the dictionary, the term is full of synonyms: coarse, uncivil, rude, rude, vulgar, boorish (etc). Who knows why they persist in repeating the same (stale) word over and over! Vittorio Pecoraro, provincial secretary of the Democratic Party of Cosenza and candidate for the next policies, in the wake of Enrico Letta, uses the shear. Thus, Giorgia Meloni becomes the one who imagines coercive tools to correct juvenile deviances. And after having recalled the origin of the flame depicted in the symbol of the Brothers of Italy (“It is the same that burns on the tomb of Mussolini in Predappio”), Pecoraro also has some for the Salvini League which plans to reintroduce the military service, preventing young people from studying because “la right he does not say it but does not want the children of the workers to become doctors ”. But Pecoraro is planning something else: the abolition of university fees, for example, and free school books for everyone. Again: cannabis free. That, going on like this, it is only organized crime that makes money.


Sara! Waiting for the response of the polls, in Piazza Municipio di “fumante” there is only the porchetta of Giannino, the historic butcher of Mendicino, intent on stuffing one sandwich after another. Because, it is well known, a full stomach thinks better!

Cosenza, registrations for the “Edu-factoring” project at the Città dei Ragazzi reopen