Crush at Lidl for its collection of clothing dedicated to Harry Potter at low prices!

The German firm, Lidl, has just released a line of clothing related to the successful saga: Harry Potter!

Do you like to wear clothes related to your favorite movies and series? Are you a big Harry Potter fan? The Lidl brand will make you happy with its brand new collection on the theme of Harry Potter!

Lidl pulls out all the stops for the holidays

Definitely, time passes at a crazy speed! The celebrations of end of the year is approaching already.

Now is the time to prepare your look for Christmasyour tree and the decorations that go with it, and especially your gifts for your loved ones.

Like every year, Lidl does not do things by halves for the end-of-year celebrations. Whether it be for children or for adultsthe German firm thought asset !

She then explains in her brand new catalog: “ every year, we accompany you in the preparation of your end-of-year celebrations. This time again we have you selected products at the height for your parties! Pay close attention to the news that you will find in our catalogs in the coming weeks. Many surprises await you there to whet your taste buds and stock up on gift ideas.

Things promised, things due! Lidl sets the bar very, very high with its latest novelties. However, the more spoiled are the Potterheads !

In effect, the discount brand teased a collection of clothes and accessories dedicated to the Harry Potter universe. Unsurprisingly, this is already making the buzz on social networks.

Lidl unveils a clothing collection dedicated to Harry Potter!

Lidl unveils a clothing collection dedicated to Harry Potter!

An ultra-hot collection of Harry Potter clothing and accessories

This is the best news of the day for Potterheads ! And for good reason… Who doesn’t love JK Rowling’s saga? Harry Potter is also, without a doubt, one of the most famous heroes in the history of literature and cinema.

adored by million fans around the world, the saga marked many generations year after year. And like every successful series or film, many derivative products exist on Harry Potter.

Lidl is therefore no exception to the rule. The German firm had thus already offered linens, clothes or even school supplies on this theme.

Unfortunately, every collection is robbed in just a few days. However, Lidl has decided to repeat this, this year, to celebrate the end of the year holidays.

To the delight of its loyal customers, Lidl will be selling a collection of Harry Potter clothing and accessories. This collection will thus offer sweatshirts for adults, but also for children, joggers for children, sets for babies and pajamas.

But that’s not all ! This new collection will also contain activity and puzzle books, slippersboard games, children’s watches and backpacks.

The discounter has really planned everything. There is therefore something for all tastes, for all ages and for all styles.

Available from November 28

On sale from November 28, this collection will be available in all the stores of the German company. Note also that the prices of these items do not exceed 20 euros.

Whether you’re a huge Harry Potter fan yourself or know someone you know who is, this collection is ideal for give a nice gift !

But don’t delay too long! Everything will go very, very quickly!

Crush at Lidl for its collection of clothing dedicated to Harry Potter at low prices!