Cyberbullying, fake news, dropping out of school: Nomadic Players offers prevention escape games throughout Occitania

The Nomadic Players company offers itinerant escape games organized as close as possible to the populations of Occitanie in order to raise players’ awareness of crucial subjects, such as equality between women and men, addiction to screens, the values ​​of sport and disabled sport or the manipulation of information.

Prevention escape games that travel throughout Occitania © Nomadic Players

Raising awareness through play. This is the objective pursued by a young entrepreneur from Albi: Anaïs Dessain. She created, three years ago, the itinerant company Nomadic Players (nomadic players), which offers escape game sessions throughout Occitaniain other words escape games, aimed at a wide audience.

The objective is to raise awareness among all players of essential societal issuessuch as cyberbullying, equality between women and men, the values ​​of sport and disabled sport, the circulation of false information, addiction to screens… In total, Anaïs Dessain has already organized about fifty interventions with 3,000 players.

From December 1 to 8, Nomadic Players will be present in the escape room Izon Corp. in Albi (Occitanie) to discover the “L’Arche” scenario. The participants here have to save all of mankind’s knowledge. The objective is to address “the multiplicity of forms of intelligence, which are not all represented in the school environment, which leads at stall “, presents Anaïs Dessain.

Free escape games, closer to the inhabitants of Occitania

To set up escape games, these are the structures, such as youth and culture centers (MJC), high schools, town halls, social centers, companies, specialized education centers, colleges or even prisons for minors, which call on Anaïs Dessain. “There are already a lot of game rooms in the big cities of Occitania. With Nomadic Players, the idea is to be able to get as close as possible to the populations, in rural areas or disadvantaged neighborhoodsin order to facilitate access to games and to break the geographical barrier”, explains the founder of the company.

It is these same structures that finance the company’s intervention. Escape games are therefore free for players, whereas in a classic room, prices fluctuate between 21 and 33 euros per person. “For a family of five, the bill increases rapidly. Again, our goal is to make this type of game accessible to most large number commented Anaïs Dessain.

Traveling escape games

escape game prevention Occitanie Nomadic Players
Anaïs Dessain designs, installs and runs prevention escape games throughout Occitania © Nomadic Players

The sets for the escape games, designed by Anaïs Dessain, can be set up anywhere, “the room just needs to be large enough and equipped with an electrical outlet to be able to plug in the cameras, as in the classic escape game rooms”, explains the director of Nomadic Players. The objective is to disorient the players, to immerse yourself in the universe of the scenario selected.

For about an hour, the participants (4 to 6 players) looking for clues and solve puzzles in order to complete their mission and get out of the room. For the escape game “the curse of Tutankhamun” for example, which is “one of the most successful games”, according to its creator, players must manage to decipher a message left by a researcher who was studying the curse of the pharaoh. During the survey, participants are facing fake news and learn more about the manipulation of information.

Gambling as a prevention tool

In total, Anaïs Dessain imagined a dozen scenarios. For example, the game “Hypnosis” is intended for children from 8 to 12 years old. A great magician controls the adults via a hypnosis signal broadcast on the screens. Only children are spared. It’s up to them to save the world. This scenario aims to make the little ones aware of the use mass of connected objects.

The same is true for the “Monarque project”, which takes the form of a scientific experiment during which the players have the mission of making a guinea pig addicted to screens. “At the end of the game, they realize that it is an identical protocol to what is practiced in reality, so that we stay addicted to our phone “, explains Anaïs Dessain. Also, the game “Zero Rule” addresses cyberbullying, by slipping players into the shoes of stalkers, despite their will. “This scenario reflects the impact that the virtual can have on the real,” continues the entrepreneur.

At the end of each session, the organizer facilitates a “debrief” of about 15 minutes in order to discuss with the players the themes addressed during the game. “The objective is not to shock, to be moralizing or to give my point of view. But simply to push the participants to question themselves on these societal subjects. I also recommend films, videos or other media that can allow them to deepen them, ”adds Anaïs Dessain.

Tailor-made escape games

escape game prevention Occitanie Nomadic Players
Prevention escape games address in particular the relationship between the virtual and the real © Nomadic Players

In addition to the scenarios now listed in the catalog, the founder of Nomadic Players offers to create “tailor-made” escape games. The Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Tarn, for example, ordered him a prevention game about equality between women and men. “The players’ mission is to develop a space conquest program. A question is asked: if we had the possibility of redistributing roles in society, how would we organize ourselves? “, she explains. Most of these new games then enter the catalog.

The young entrepreneur has already denied requests. “A prefecture suggested that I discuss road safety with repeat offenders with addiction problems. But I intervene to do prevention, not to treat medical problems, ”says Anaïs Dessain.

Anaïs Dessain has always worked in socio-cultural coordination

The founder of Nomadic Players defines herself as an “escape game lover”. Before starting her own business, she worked in socio-cultural coordination. She worked with different audiences through associations for set up cultural and artistic projects.

The young woman, in her thirties, is initially a “materialist”. In other words, specialized in the work of lime, plaster and earth, for decoration. “The creation of Nomadic Players is a mixture of everything I have been able to do in my career, whether in social, animation, games and art”, she summarizes. To choose the themes evoked in her escape games, she is mainly inspired by societal issues making headlines. A future scenario could also address violence against women.

Cyberbullying, fake news, dropping out of school: Nomadic Players offers prevention escape games throughout Occitania