Cyril Féraud at his worst: this terrible trauma which forced him to stop TV…

It was this Saturday that Cyril Féraud was the guest of RTL radio. He was thus able to confide in On Refait la Télé. He was thus able talk about his career on televisionbut during this little interview, he mentioned with sadness a very difficult time in his life which left a trauma. We’ll explaine everything here.

Cyril Féraud, his open-hearted confession

It is therefore Eric Dussart and Jade who host the show On Refait la Télé on RTL who have decided to invite Cyril Féraud on their show. During his visit, the facilitator was able to confide, and this, with an open heart. He thus has been able to talk about his whole career in the world of TV, he who is the flagship host of Slam. He has been in the audiovisual world for nearly twenty years. And during these many years, he was able to be at the head of a dozen shows. This is howhe has become one of the emblematic figures of the world of television.

But yet, if Cyril Féraud now seems well known and respected in the industry, he had a fairly complex beginning. Indeed, he said he received a lot of criticism in his early days. He confides that “It never hurt me, but what I thought it was unfair, is when we said: ‘It is smooth.’ It’s that the people who said that didn’t watch the show”. Moreover, he adds that since then he “don’t care anymore”. He then remembersWhat was funnier is that at the beginning, I saw people, established animators, who said to themselves: ‘Oh, him, it’s going to last six months”. To which he even adds that “Some have since disappeared and others are happy to have lunch with me”. However, he confides that he feels quite “resentful”. But now, he has nothing against all these people anymore who underestimated her.

A trauma

But if during the show, Cyril Féraud therefore spoke of his difficult beginnings, it did not seem insurmountable either. The proof is that even without having had the support of others, he still succeeded. Sure, with hindsight, it seems easier to accept the situation. In the moment, it must not have been easy to live. But the young man has largely proven himself. And the underrated young animator would be well suited for the man he has become.

But during his interview with RTL, he confides in another theme. Indeed, it was in 2019 that he decided to get away from the TV shows. The reason is that at this time Cyril Féraud was mentally ill. Indeed, it was during this period that his father was diagnosed with cancer. “I am very attached to my professional life and my job but at that time, I could have been replaced by anyone. I didn’t care”.

It is therefore for two months that Cyril Féraud decided to spend every moment with his dad. This allowed her to spend the last moments of her father’s life by her side. “It’s the worst time of my lifebecause when you have the frenetic pace of filming that I have, it forced me to put everything on hold. I accompanied my dad […] When my dad was hospitalized and I found out what the outcome was going to be, it was out of the question for me to go on a TV set and show off and say ‘I hope you’re okay you have a smile etc’. I was going to lose my father”. A upsetting message which of course touched everyone who heard it.

Cyril Féraud at his worst: this terrible trauma which forced him to stop TV…