Dacia Maraini double appointment in Naples

Dacia Marini after the tour of United States and the Laurea Honoris Causae received by the University of Los Angeles has a new double appointment in Italy. The writer will be a Naples at the gallery To Prussian Blue in the heart of the city to present to the public and the press his last two works published by Marlin Publisher Look to the East” And “Daily Alphabet”, The latter created together with Gioconda Marinelli who will also be present. The journalists will speak together with the authorthe Santa Di Salvo (The Morning) e Piero Antonio Toma (la Repubblica) with the readings of the actress Annamaria Ackermann. The event will take place starting at 5:30 pm.

Dacia Maraini the meeting with the students

In the morning, on the other hand, Dacia Maraini will be the first protagonist of the new project “Meeting with the author” in Frattamaggiore, during which together with Gioconda Marinelli will present “Daily alphabet. The words of a life “, book published by Marlin Editore. The presentation of “Daily alphabet” is only the first appointment of the “Incontro con l’author” project, an initiative promoted in Frattamaggiore by the Istituto di Studi Atellani and developed thanks to a collaboration agreement between the Liceo Scientifico Carlo Miranda, Liceo Classico Francesco Durante, IPIA Michele Niglio, ISIS Gaetano Filangieri. The appointment of 10 November will be held at 11 am in Frattamaggiore at the auditorium of the Liceo Scientifico Miranda in via FA Giordano 91. Greetings will be given by the mayor dr. Marco Antonio del Prete, the Councilor for Education arch. Luisa Tessitore, the four school managers and Rosa Bencivenga of the Istituto di Studi Atellani. The audience will be made up of 120 students (30 for each school) who will talk with the two authors with the moderation of Imma Pezzullo, vice president of the Atellani Institute of Studies. The publisher will be present at both events Sante Avagliano.

Look to the East

In the East between memories and reportage: the travels of Dacia Maraini. Reportage, memories, tales of a fascinating but contradictory continent. A collection of memoirs on Afghanistan, China, Korea, Japan, India, Iran, Syria, Tibet, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen… Look at the East (La camera del fuoco series, pp. 240, € 17.00) is a new Marlin edited by Michelangelo La Luna, Professor of Italian Languages ​​and Literatures in the United States (The University of Rhode Island). In the volume, full of memories and texts collected organically for the first time, the narrative rhythm impressed by the great writer emerges, who loves to travel and tell the stories of distant countries. Among her travel companions, Maria Callas, Alberto Moravia and Pier Paolo Pasolini. In particular, the Asian continent is seen through the eyes of those who are attentive to natural beauty but above all to the human and social condition of the population. In this journey through the years and in the sensations, which are transformed into writing, special attention is paid to current issues such as the courageous protest of Afghan women against the restrictions imposed by the Taliban regime.

Daily Alphabet

The result of a long friendship, this book collects the text of an extensive conversation between the writer and Gioconda Marinelli on the most varied topics, from everyday ones to the passions and battles of a lifetime, presented in alphabetical order. Nor is there a lack of burning and current issues such as pollution and the terrible pandemic. Maraini tells herself without hesitation and talks about feelings, values, emotions, small weaknesses, certainties, habits and experiences. From the conversation emerge the questions that belong to our life, about love, suffering, violence, death. Marinelli’s questions follow one another pressing and the answers and considerations are sure, quick, always sincere, never elusive. The book can be read at the opening of the page, drawing lessons and reflections from it, letting us know the innermost thoughts and motions of the soul of the great writer, starting from the premise of “having nothing in one’s life that cannot be spoken about publicly “.

Who is Dacia Maraini, the biography of the author

Dacia Maraini was born in Fiesole (Florence) and lives in Rome. She is the author of novels, short stories, plays, poems and essays, which have been translated in over fifty countries. You have won, among others, the Campiello, Strega, Napoli, Fregene, Brancati-Zafferana, Flaiano, Scanno, Cimitile, Hemingway and Viareggio awards for her career. Among her novels we remember: The holiday, The age of malaise, Memories of a thief, Woman in war, Isolina, The long life of Marianna Ucrìa (from which the film by Roberto Faenza Marianna Ucrìa was based), Bagheria, Voices, A clandestine on board, Sweet to itself, Dark, The ship to Kobe, Dove, The train of the last night, The girl and the dreamer, Three women, Happy body, Trio. In 2021 the Meridiano of some of his most representative works was released. In Marlin Edition: Inside the words (2005), Dacia Maraini in the kitchen (2007), both edited by Gioconda Marinelli, and Daily alphabet (2021) written with Gioconda Marinelli. Look to the East it is now nearing its fourth reprint.

Dacia Maraini double appointment in Naples