Day against violence against women: the State Police on the field

Brescia. On the day in which women victims of domestic and gender-based violence are remembered, the State Police promotes the ongoing awareness campaignThis is not love” which provides for meeting activities in all Italian provinces to break the isolation and pain of the victims of this violence, offering the support of a team of operators, mainly made up of women and made up of specialized police personnel.
In Brescia, on the “World Day against Violence against Women”, Friday 25 November from 9, the team of the State Police – informs a note – will be engaged in the assembly hall of the Abba Ballini Higher Institute, where they will meet over three hundred students, raising awareness of gender-based violence. In addition to the Brescia commissioner, Eugenio Spina, the event will be attended by the manager of the Brescia Territorial School Office, Giuseppe Bonelli, the manager of the Abba Ballini Institute, Elena Lazzari, the psychologist Cristina Volpi, the manager of the Anti-Crime Division of the Police Headquarters of Brescia, Marco Dell’Arte, the inspector of the State Police Francesca Pollonara and the deputy technical superintendent Domenico Geracitano.

During the event, the competition “The Power of Words to defend ourselves from violence. The Brescia Police Headquarters, together with the Territorial School Office, announces a Competition of Ideas to select a podcast, a video spot or a quote that can significantly represent the awareness campaign towards the fight against gender-based violence, which the Police of State permanently promotes with “This is not Love”.
The selected works will be rewarded and published through the communication channels of the State Police. The call is aimed at students enrolled in all secondary schools in the Province of Brescia. The proposed works may be original or taken from poems, literary passages, articles, essays, theatrical performances, films or musical pieces.
Video spots must have a duration of less than 60″, while for podcasts the duration must be less than 90″. The citation must not exceed 150 characters (including spaces).

“The State Police have always been very attentive to the phenomena of femicide and abuse in the family“, reads the press release, “has decided to take a further step towards approaching the victims of these crimes. The aim of the project is to create direct contact between women and a team of specialized operators ready to collect the direct testimonies of those who are often afraid to report or cross the threshold of a police office”.
During the month of November, the State Police will participate, in agreement with the other institutions present in the area, in numerous proximity initiatives also among the schools of the province indicated by the territorial school office.

Already last Friday the Brescia Police Headquarters was busy at the Sala Civica Disciplini of Castenedolo as part of the event “Stop – Music to say no to violence”, while in the coming days he will participate in other events.
On November 24th: “Gender differences in physical activity and sport” organized by the research and study group Asst Spedali Civili of Brescia and which will be held at the Paul VI Pastoral Center.
On November 25thin addition to the conference “Let’s defend ourselves from violence” the agents will be busy at the event of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Municipality of Brescia, within the flash mob, with the setting up of an information booth with the display and distribution of the brochure “This is not love”.
On November 26, at 10the police officers of the Anti-Crime Division will participate in the San Barnaba Auditorium at the event “From school to work: a gender journey” also organized by the Municipality of Brescia.

On the prevention front, the law provides for a very effective tool: the warning of the Quaestor for persecution and domestic violence. Throughout 2022 they have been presented 82 applications with the issue of 7 warnings for persecution and 4 initiative for domestic violence.
On the territory, following the issue of the warning and on the basis of the latter as an aggravating circumstance, 2 arrests were made in flagrante delicto of persons already cautioned.
The Scudo platform – joint application for the protection of victims of violence – has made it possible to monitor numerous cases of domestic violence and persecutory acts. In 2022, the police forces of the province of Brescia reported 411 cases of abuse in the family and 255 of persecution to the judicial authorities.

Day against violence against women: the State Police on the field – QuiBrescia