Electoral ban in Tamaulipas for senator election: when is it

As of this Wednesday, the federal, state and municipal governments must silence their official activities, in order not to influence the mood of the electorate of Tamaulipas.

The proselytizing campaigns begin but also the electoral banso that achievements or tasks of public administrations must not be disseminatedexcept for some campaigns that were approved by the INE and that have to do with health, education and civil protection.

The Local Council of the INE in Tamaulipas, chaired by Sergio Iván Ruiz Castellot, recalled that during the campaign period, the authorities have to suspend all their government propaganda in the mediafrom the Internet, social networks, radio, television and written press.

How long does the electoral ban last?

For her part, the executive member of the INE in the eighth district of Tampico, María de la Luz Espinoza Hernández, specified that The campaigns will last 50 days and with it the electoral banwhich should continue during the period of reflection, where citizens analyze the meaning of their vote.

He stressed that it is the obligation of the authorities of the three levels of government to follow the recommendations regarding the restrictions established by the norm in order to avoid incurring in any violation of the applicable legal framework.

Similarly, the executive spokesperson indicated that both radio and television concessionaires, as well as news media on social networks and newspapers, must adhere to the guidelines for not disseminate government propaganda, within the period.

The foregoing, except those activities aimed at educational services, health or civil protection, which were approved by the General Council of the INE. The electoral ban will end at the close of the polls on the day of election day.

The exaltation, promotion or justification of any program or achievement obtained is not allowed. Names, images, voices or symbols that imply personalized promotion of any public servant should be avoided, as well as logos, slogans or any other type of reference to the government or its institutional campaigns.

What can spread?

The National Electoral Institute (INE) authorized only the diffusion of twelve campaigns focused on health, education and attention to vulnerable groups, but which must be subject to informational purposes.

On December 15, the plenary session of the General Council of the INE approved the permitted government propaganda, as long as it meets the established criteria.

However, if there is, for example, a health or civil protection emergency, the INE will allow its dissemination, said the president of the Local Council, Sergio Iván Ruiz Castellot.

“The already approved government campaigns are effectively focused on health and education, but if a new covid wave arises or a situation of risk to the population arises, its transmission can be allowed, without being contemplated in the 12 institutional campaigns already programmed”.

He clarified that this inclusion will be approved exceptionally, as long as something that requires immediate attention is presented, otherwise it will only be the campaigns already contemplated.

The phrase:

Sergio Iván Ruiz Castellot, INE Tamaulipas. (INE NL)

Sergio Iván Ruiz Castellot, President of the INE in
“This famous electoral ban refers to the silence of the three levels of government regarding promoting their work, it does not mean that they should not work, they will have to continue carrying out their activities and attending to what they have to attend to, it is not falling into paralysis, it is only in the diffusion where there is the restriction”.

And it is that on the aforementioned date, authorizations were given to the IMSS, the State Health Secretariat, the Reynosa DIF System, the Reynosa Social Development Secretariat, the Senate of the Republic, the Education Secretariat, and the Altamira City Council.

Social Security and State Health may broadcast health promotion campaigns; the Reynosa DIF of its comprehensive development centers, care program for children and adolescents at work risk, family and women’s health, as well as dental health. Social Development of the municipality a program called Primero-Sanos-2.

The Senate obtained permission from the INE to spread its campaign Now it is law!: health and well-being; the Ministry of Education in Tamaulipas the promotion of the definitive registration for the basic level of the 2023-2024 school year and the expansion plan of initial education. Finally, the Altamira Town Hall, the Truck of Hope.

Government achievements, public works may not be disseminated, nor information aimed at justifying or convincing the population of the relevance or achievements of an administration at the various levels of government may be issued.

Likewise, phrases or references to the federal, state or municipal government, or their institutional campaigns, nor personalized propaganda elements of any public servant may not be published.

authorized campaigns

1. Mexican Institute of Social Security: “PREVENIMSS”, version “Various”

2. Ministry of Health: “Health Promotion, various version”

3. DIF System of the Reynosa City Council: “Centres for the Comprehensive Development of the CEDIF Family”

4. DIF of the Reynosa City Council: “PANNARTI (Program of Attention to Girls, Boys and Adolescents at Risk and Child Labor”

5. DIF System of the Reynosa City Council: “Family health program and special requests”

6. Reynosa City Hall DIF System: “Comprehensive Women’s Health Program”

7. Secretary of Social Development of the Reynosa City Council: “First Healthy”-2

8. Reynosa City Hall DIF System: “Dental Health”

9. Senate of the Republic: “Now it is Law!: health and well-being”

10. Secretary of Education of the state of Tamaulipas: “Definitive registration for Basic Education 2023-2024”

11. Secretary of Education of the state of Tamaulipas: “Initial education Expansion Program”

12. Altamira Town Hall: “Truck of Hope”


Electoral ban in Tamaulipas for senator election: when is it