Elite Season 6: Characters; meet the new cast of the series

A new season is coming Elite and fans ask the same question: it will be the last? And the answer is no. Netflix announced a few weeks ago the renewal of the Spanish series without having to wait for the premiere of the sixth, which for the first time will not have none of the original actors who started this story.

The eight episodes that make up season six are starring well-known faces from previous installments, but there will also be new signings in the cast, which is why here we a count of actors that add to the production and what are their characters

The continuation of Eliteone of the most viewed titles on the streaming platform, will start with Las Encinas students trying to get their lives back and leaving behind the violent events of the previous school year after the tragic death of Samuel.

Who is who in ‘Elite 6’; meet the new cast

It is not yet clear how the departure of the majority of the cast of the fifth season will be justified, including Georgina Amorós (Cayetana), Claudia Islands (Rebekah), Pol Granch (Philippe), Itzán Escamilla (Samuel) and Omar Ayuso (Omar), who will return until the seventh season.

Those who are back are Andre Lamoglia (Ivan), Valentina Zenere (Isadora), Carla Diaz (Ari), Martina Caridi (Mencia),) Manu Rios (Patrick) and Adam Nourou (Bilal), the French actor who won this year the Goya for Best New Actor for the film Adu.

Below we present the actors who join the new batch of episodes of Elite:

Ander Puig

He was born in Barcelona and is 20 years old. She participated in the series To be or not to be, the journey. He is the first trans actor in the series, where plays NicoAri’s new love interest.

Carmen Arrufat

The 20-year-old actress is Sarah, an influencer who will develop a special connection with Mencía, while dealing with an abusive relationship. The young woman is known for her roles in series such as HIT either Everyone lies; in 2019 she made her film debut with innocence Y Nothing will be the same.

Ana Bokesa

The actress will have a main role in the outcome of the story giving life to Dew. In his career, titles such as Chapter Zero, The one that is coming Y Love is forever.

Elite 6 (Netflix).

Elite 6 (Netflix).

Alex Pastrana

interprets to Raul in Elite. The 30-year-old Venezuelan actor rose to world stardom after playing the role of Ulises Gracia in the first season of welcome to edenalso participated in The protected.

Alvaro de Juana

The actor embodies Didac, also one of the new students of Las Encinas. The Spaniard is known for participating in the eighth season of Amar is forever, he also starred in the second installment of the series HIT.

When does season 6 of ‘Elite’ premiere?

The new chapters of Elite will arrive on the Netflix platform next Friday, November 18 at 2:00 a.m. (Mexico City time), which means you’ll have to stay up all night if you want to be the first to see it. According to Carlos Montero, creator of the series, there will be at least ten seasons of the show, so there is Elite for a while.

As for the plot, here are some details: Las Encinas is facing a new season trying to clean up its image by covering up disasters from the past. “The conflict in their classrooms is systemic: racism, sexism, sexist violence or LGTBI-phobia are just some of the serious problems that will walk the corridors of the prestigious academic institution this season. If those who direct are not seriously involved in finding solutions, it will have to be the students themselves who take the reins“.


Elite Season 6: Characters; meet the new cast of the series