End bullying

I have been a teacher and tutor since the eighties and surely already existed Bullying, but very different from how it manifests itself now. Before, the repercussion was different because there were no mobile phones or social networks. In class we have almost always had the typical rooster or ringleader who was followed by a few classmates and who got into or out of school with those weaker or more vulnerable students, for no reason, just because they believed they were above others. and as a cruel form of entertainment. Now it’s more complicated: there are gangs, threats, the aggressors hide behind the crowd, and teachers have never been really prepared to act effectively against this, and they haven’t given us enough tools either. Bullying is a serious problem that must be tackled through prevention, education and justice. The protocols, laws, letters and regulations are worthless paper if there is no real will to attack the problem from the root with rigor and exemplary nature. be done!

Luis Solanas Onion. Saragossa

A movie love

Sometimes we are not aware of the influence that movies and television series have on our ideals and our expectations. And not only that, but the influence that these have when it comes to having a relationship. For example, the love relationships shown in the highest-grossing series and movies aimed at adolescents contain patterns that can be considered toxic, which helps young people to normalize these realities and to believe that what happens in life is normal and acceptable. those fictions. Therefore, I think it is important that we receive an education in accordance with the new influences to which we are subjected, more difficult to control due to global networks.

Noah Sanchez. Barcelona

Freedom according to Ayuso

I begin to understand what the word means freedom for Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Freedom to cut spending on health, education, housing and residences, in the latter case granting management to private companies, with the results that we know. Freedom to help your friends and not those who need it most. Now that it seems that we are already in the electoral campaign, we need less talk, less ego and prominence and more attention to the people who need it most so that they can live with dignity. This, for me, is the freedom for which many of us have fought.

Vicente Fuentes Paraiso. Madrid

Thanks for showing what ALS looks like.

I want to thank the article published this Sunday on the reality of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in The weekly country. As a patient of this disease, it seems to me a good investigation and making society aware of the effects that its evolution produces in people who suffer from it over time. The aforementioned article has filled me with emotion and serenity. I can only say that the patient treated in the article is a brave man, regardless of political or religious objections. Congratulations on the publication.

Joaquin Farre. Barcelona

End bullying