Est Film Fesival 2022, the winners. L’arminuta best film, Bosnia Express best documentary

East Film Festival edition number sixteen closes in the place where it all began in 2007: the Rocca dei Papi in Montefiascone, transformed for eight days into the Castello del Cinema. Giuseppe Bonito wins with his “L’Arminuta” – Arco d’oro as Best Feature Film – and Massimo D’orzi with “Bosnia Express” – Arco d’Argento as Best Documentary. Special mention by the jury of documentaries in “Venice elsewhere” by Elia Romanelli.

The Maestosi Director he began by thanking all the sponsors and partners of the event “ours is a totally free festival, a rarity in the field of festivals and a feature we never wanted to give up … our precious sponsors make it possible”. The organizing director continued “We want to thank the city of Montefiascone and its public who not only“ protected ”this festival this year. Glauco and I fought and did not give up to keep him alive, but without the presence of the spectators we would not be here today”Concluded Maestosi.

The Montefiascone Film Festival represents one of the longest-running and most appreciated cultural events in the panorama of Tuscia. “It is with great emotion that I am on this stage this evening, I remember when, as a teenager I learned that some young people from Rome wanted to organize a film festival in Montefiascone.” Mayor Giulia De Santis declared. “The commitment we make publicly is to help Est Film Festival to return to what it was in the past, bringing it back to the square, as well as to the Rocca dei Papi, because this festival represents a flagship not only for our country, but throughout central Italy ”continued the first citizen from the stage,“ I really thank Vaniel and Glauco for their perseverance and resilience in these dark years that we hope to have left behind ”he concluded. On stage with the mayor De Santis also the delegate for culture Renato Trapè: “I care a lot for the East Film Festival and I consider it one of the most important cultural events in our city, this event deserves to be reborn“.

Two prizes were awarded during the final evening of the 16th Est Film Festival: Best Feature Film and Best Documentary. The winner of the Feature Films section, which won the Arco d’Oro – Crédit Agricole Italia Award and € 500, was “L’Arminuta” third work by Giuseppe Bonito. Roberto Sbarigia, producer of the film, received the award from the hands of Vincenzo Aloe: “Italy boasts a very rich cultural heritage in every sphere of activity, a wealth to be protected and developed.” – declared Aloe, Head of the Central South Regional Directorate of Crédit Agricole Italia “our Bank, which has among its objectives that of enhancing the territories by bringing out their excellence, has decided to offer ample support to Italian culture to build a bond of continuity between past and future, starting from this represents a reason for pride for the country. As Crédit Agricole Italia we are pleased to support this initiative, an important signal in the direction of the enhancement of cultural heritage and communities, as we are convinced that the economic development of the territories also includes support for excellent cultural initiatives. ” Sbarigia thanked the organizers of the festival for the splendid welcome and for the award received “I bring you greetings from Giuseppe Bonito, who was unable to be present. We are very proud of this film and the journey it is taking ”.

The artistic director Glauco Almonte from the stage he made an in-depth analysis of the weight of the selection of works for the success of the festival “If for documentaries the greatest difficulty is to find a common thread between the various works to build the five-odd competition, for films the greatest challenge is find five films that can interest the public but also amaze the jury who becomes, year after year, more and more expert and demanding “Even the president of the jury of Feature Films, Giampaolo Sodano, spoke on the stage” Glauco did a job this year of extraordinary selection and I want to publicly thank him. The uniqueness of this festival lies in the fact that what drives it is a great love for this work and these two guys have such a love for this festival and for this city that they give this event an added value. ” Sodano also wanted the public to reflect on the serious crisis that has hit cinemas, also thanks to the advent of new ways of individual use of cinema.

The winner of the Documentary section, to which the Silver Arch went – CIC Award – Cultural Initiatives Center and € 300 was “Bosnia Express” by Massimo D’orzi. “Thanks to the Jury for this award and for the emotion of these moments”. Giancarlo Breccola, president of the documentary jury and of the CIC – Cultural Initiative Center, underlined the importance of the Est Film Festival for Montefiascone “it was an honor to judge such heterogeneous documentaries, it was even more difficult to choose the winner among the works of this level. I wanted to thank Vaniel and Glauco for this “gift” made to the city of Montefiascone: Est FIlm Festival ”. Also present on stage Mariolina Scavera Malvagna of Unicoop Tirreno who wanted to reiterate the importance of the passion and perseverance of the two directors. This year the jury of the Documentaries wanted to assign a special mention to Elia Romanelli’s documentary “Venice elsewhere” for making tangible the poetry and the charm of an emotion suspended in the immaterial space of the imagination.

Est Film Festival gave, in this sixteenth edition, eight days of feature films and documentaries, but above all many guests, because each screening was, as always, accompanied by an encounter with the director. There was no shortage of guests of honor of the Special Encounters section awarded with the Platinum Bows.

On the evening of Tuesday 26 July, Giuseppe Piccioni, director, screenwriter and film producer, was awarded the Arco di Platino – City of Montefiascone Award by the deputy mayor Rosita Cicoria. The director, returning to the festival after his first appearance in 2007, allowed himself in an intimate interview conducted by Maurizio Di Rienzo, journalist and film critic and by Glauco Almonte, artistic director of the Festival “I am really happy and proud to have been here in the first edition of this beautiful festival. Fifteen years was a very happy period in my life and in cinema, I hope this award is a good omen for the future of Italian cinema ”said Piccioni.

The second Arco di Platino – City of Montefiascone Award of 2022 was awarded this year to the great Ricky Tognazzi, directly from the hands of the mayor Giulia De Santis. The actor and director, guest of the fifth evening of the event, entertained the audience of the Rocca dei Papi with a beautiful interview conducted by Giampaolo Sodano – president of the feature film jury – and by Vaniel Maestosi – organizing director of the festival. Tognazzi shared with the spectators many anecdotes from his life with his father Ugo to whom he dedicated his documentary-memory “The mad desire to live”, screened at the end of the meeting. “I really want to thank you because for sixteen years you have been carrying out this splendid festival” said Tognazzi “these events, especially after the last two years, are of extraordinary importance to make us return to enjoy a film with the others and dream of it all together. same dream “

The reasons of the jury

Arco d’Oro – Crédit Agricole Italia Award for Best Feature Film: “L’Arminuta” by Giuseppe Bonito

Motivation of the Jury: Poetic, profound, touching, engaging. Giuseppe Bonito succeeds in the not always easy task of adapting a bestseller like the Arminuta to the language of cinema, thanks also to the presence of the author, Donatella Di Pietrantonio, in the role of screenwriter, who shared and approved his choices. The director enters the heart of the novel with respect, giving life to a dry narration, made up of talking silences and animated by an intense game of glances between the key characters of a story of strong conflicts and duality, declined almost exclusively to women. In constructing the characters, he wisely indulged the spontaneity of the two young girls protagonists, for the first time in front of the camera, and made use of the complicity of a group of well-identified and masterfully guided actors.

Arco d’Argento – CIC Award (Center for Cultural Initiatives) as Best Documentary: “Bosnia Express” by Massimo D’Orzi

Motivation of the Jury: For the suggestive aesthetic support that contrasts and underlines the strong contents of the complaint; for the message of hope and rebirth traced by the refined artistic and musical inlays that characterize the visual path; for the value of safeguarding the future of an emblematic memory undermined by the renunciation of reason.

Special mention of the jury to the documentary “Venice elsewhere” by Elia Romanelli

Motivation of the Jury: For making the poetry and the enchantment of an emotion suspended in the immaterial space of the imagination tangible.

The Factotum Cultural Association this year inaugurated the season of its events with the sixth edition of Civita Cinema staged in Bagnoregio 1-3 July. After the 16th edition of the Est Film Festival, Factotum will move to Viterbo for the 6th edition of Cinema & Terme scheduled every Friday from 9 to 23 September 2022 at the historic Terme dei Papi. The 17th edition of JazzUp Festival is expected in the capital of Tuscia from 21 to 29 October 2022 at the Caffeina Theater in Viterbo.

Est Film Fesival 2022, the winners. L’arminuta best film, Bosnia Express best documentary