Excluded. “I tell myself that there is a sequel to Star Academy”: Anisha looks back on her journey on the show

LeahLouis, Enola and Anisha are the final contenders to win the star Academy 2022 edition. With his ease at the microphone and the shared emotion, Anisha22 years old, has, from the beginning of tele-hookdelighted viewers, professors but also the many artists with whom she has shared duets. While the finalist lives with her comrades her last moments at the castle and her last days before the exceptional bonus from Saturday, November 26, she returned for Tele-Leisure on his adventure.

“I know what these children can go through”

Tele-Leisure : You often explain being carried by “the message”. Can you say a little more?

Anisha: I want to send a message of hope and courage to children in difficulty. I am doing this adventure for them, it is close to my heart. I want to have a real echo, whether in my country, in Madagascar where not all children have access to education, or more generally. I personally have been through some things before so I know what these kids can go through. I want to say “We can reach our dreams, we can go far with courage, hope and also work”.

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You who are discreet and introverted had mentioned the challenge of living in community. What personal assessment do you finally draw from these six weeks of cohabitation?

At first, I was apprehensive. I’m so used to recharging my batteries on my own and not being with people all the time. The bottom line is that it brought me a lot of things, even if it wasn’t my forte and I’m not going to become the best in community life thanks to this adventure. It taught me to be very patient. Every day is a new beginning with people. We start from scratch. The lesson to be learned is that you have to remain benevolent, yourself and humble. Even if I fall back into my little flaws by putting myself in my corner, in nature or with the instruments, I isolate myself a little to have my own moments and I recharge my batteries before leaving with people. So, in my opinion, I took up the challenge.

“I was told that I couldn’t”

What moment of the adventure was your favorite?

There are several but I can quote my duo week with Julian. We got really motivated. It was new for me to work with someone. It was a time when you had to be solid because you have a small responsibility towards the other. We had to motivate ourselves together, not alone. I am a sociable but solitary person. I do everything alone, independently. I help people but everything I do, I go alone. There, it was a team work where you had to give everything.

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What about the negative?

Before the evaluations, I always doubted myself a lot. These moments when I self-flagellate were difficult for me. However, I managed my passage but, before, I said to myself “But no, you won’t make it, you’re not so good”. I was put in my head for several years that I couldn’t, that I wouldn’t make it, so I reminisce about these things whenever I doubt. Since I self-flagellate myself at home, I said it loud and clear in front of the other candidates. It was hard for me to just tell myself “go ahead”. It was the worst time for me because I was stuck in my head.

“Continue my studies and make music on the side”

You are the only student to have had direct proposals from artists: Slimane, Claudio Capeo. How did you receive these requests?

I am very moved and very touched because they thought of me. I tell myself that some artists have seen that my message could pass through a collaboration. What touches me the most is the trust they place in me. I doubted myself, I didn’t know what I was worth and they come up with these proposals. The first time, with Slimane, was so touching, I didn’t expect it at all. Claudio Capéo supported me a lot on the prime and being on his album is going to be something incredible. I tell myself : “In fact, there is a sequel to the star Academy.

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You were already writing your own songs and continued to do so within the castle. How do you envision your exit from the adventure star Academywinning or not?

Arriving at the star Academy, I did not necessarily have a professional project. I had already written lots of music that I liked to share when I had the time. Because I have my studies that I put on break, I am in sixth grade, I plan to graduate at the end of this school year. I was looking for work-study. My life was not necessarily musical. Today I realize that the music will no longer have the same place as before, that is, just in my room. It must continue because it was with her that I touched people’s hearts. It is sure that I will resume my personal life like everyone else: continue my studies because the diploma is important for me but I will try to gauge all that and make music on the side. The most important thing for me is keep your feet on the ground.

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Excluded. “I tell myself that there is a sequel to Star Academy”: Anisha looks back on her journey on the show