Feministas Bercianas convenes a rally against sexual exploitation in Ponferrada

The councilor of the municipal group of Citizens, García Magaz, asks the mayor to stop demagoguery with health because pollution does not disappear from the city, it only moves.

Teresa Magaz in the surroundings of Ciuden

The Municipal Group of Citizens in the Ponferrada City Council suspects that there are “hidden intentions” in the project to create a Low Emissions Zone in the center of Ponferrada.

The liberal mayor, Teresa García Magaz, defends the need to carry out the redevelopment works of the streets affected by the Low Emissions Zone. However, she denounces that the municipal government team deliberately hides the repercussions that said project is going to have for the residents of Ponferrada. “The mayor, the socialist Olegario Ramón, has avoided giving an answer to the specific questions formulated in writing, on two occasions, by the Group of Citizens in the Ponferrada City Council”.

García Magaz, has also recalled that although the creation of the ZBE has been imposed by a state and European law, in said norm neither the location nor the extension of said zones is determined, and it must be the city councils who determine which streets are will be affected by these restrictions.

“From Citizens we have denounced that the municipal government has unilaterally and discretionally decided which public roads will see restricted vehicle access and where traffic is diverted, without seeking a consensus with affected neighbors and sectors, without transparent public information and without forecast of the necessary alternatives to solve the traffic problems that are going to be generated in other areas of the city. It has been a full-fledged imposition, which will also have to be managed by a future Corporation and a different government”.

In the opinion of the orange party, behind the redevelopment project for the streets of the affected area of ​​La Puebla, there is a clear intention to eliminate a multitude of surface parking spaces, in addition to radically restricting access to a large number of private vehicles. , “which can be a devastating blow for commercial and hospitality activity”.

On the other hand, this measure will help transfer emissions and pollution to other sectors of the city that will see the traffic they already support multiply exponentially. “Is the level of emissions and pollution going to be measured in the streets through which the restricted circulation of the most polluting vehicles in the center is going to be redirected? Or do the residents of the upper area, of the avenues of Liberty, Bierzo or Huertas del Sacramento not have the right to health and clean air?”, asks the mayor.

Likewise, García Magaz regrets that the mayor, “in his sweetened statements” has avoided reporting that, in the medium term, in three or four years, the residents of the area are very likely to be forced to replace their diesel or gasoline vehicles with vehicles that do not use fossil fuels, with the consequent expense for families.

“In addition”, pointed out the Councilor for Citizens, García Magaz, “the residents of the ZBE should know that it is very likely that, among Don Olegario’s intentions, is to impose a new rate to be able to circulate in this area, squeezing once again the pocket of the residents of Ponferrada. Then he will say that Europe obliges us”.

The mayor of Cs has also denounced that “unfortunately, all these measures are being hidden from the Ponferradinos, and they will not be discussed or known until after the municipal elections of May 2023, since the mayor is very aware of the electoral cost they have for their party and for anyone who supports them.”

Feministas Bercianas convenes a rally against sexual exploitation in Ponferrada