Film review: Les SEGPA (2022)

The Segpa // By Ali and Hakim Boughéraba. With Ichem Bougréraba, Walid Ben Amar and Arriles Amrani.

The caricature has never hurt anyone, but only when it is well done. The Segpa is not a particularly funny caricature of the SEGPA, these difficult classes to which teachers try to restore the taste for learning. The final lesson (doing push-ups to learn) is quite nice and interesting but as a whole Les Segpa is not particularly good. The main problem with this film is its cruel lack of rhythm. If some gags can be nice, the time remains long. Stigmatizing so many students in difficulty could have given a film more intelligent than moron. Ali and Hakim Boughéraba then chain the shots seen and reviewed and let themselves be lulled by their own laziness. If only the film had a certain coherence then it could have given something but the gags are winded and sometimes even repetitive (the costume trick is really ridiculous). The only really funny joke in this film is to see Walid talking about the fact that he “raised” a final year and which creates quite a misunderstanding when he says he prefers to do this with… boys.

The SEGPA are fired from their establishment. To their great surprise, they integrate the prestigious Franklin D. Roosevelt college.

The Principal, reluctant to see the reputation of his school deteriorate, imagines a scheme to fire the SEGPA while keeping the aid.

As they savor their new life, form friendships and become increasingly popular, the SEGPAs discover the Principal’s project. They then decide to do everything to thwart his schemes…

The Segpa therefore tries to make its spectators laugh with moments without great energy, without great inspiration or even real flavor. This is where we come to regret school films like Les Sous-Doués by Claude Zidi who for once knew how to be funny on the same narrative ideas. The gags were successful. These are just pointless gags. Les Profs by Pierre-François Martin-Laval was also more inventive in its humor and better controlled in its staging. The Segpa do not even exploit the wealth of the Marseille city which serves as the setting for the film. We could have dreamed of seeing Marseille a little better highlighted in a film supposed to take place here. While it’s not entirely tossed around when taking the film without being overly staring, there are still some genuinely boring moments that have no rhythm. When we know that the film was co-produced by Cyril Hanouna, the bottom of the toilet of humor in France, we understand better why Les Segpa is not a good comedy. Remain among the actors of the people who seem to have a talent for the comedy but that the film does not know how to direct.

Rating: 3/10. In short, yet another comedy making fun of school sorrows. Go your way.

Released on April 20, 2022 in cinemas

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