Filmmaker Paola Castillo: “We have an impressive group of documentary filmmakers and women creators”

This week the official opening of the second version of the Women and Diversity Film Festival, FESTMYD 2022, was held at the Insomnia Teatro Condell (Valparaíso).

The initiative is financed by the Audiovisual Promotion Fund, Call 2022, of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

After 2 months of work, which included a Training Line, territorial screens and school shows in Quillota, Villa Alemana, Quilpué, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Ovalle and La Serena, the festival began its week of showing the competing films in the categories Short Films, Feature Films and Latin American Focus.

All the exhibitions are accompanied by talks with the participation of prominent women activists. The activities will take place in the Valparaíso Cultural Park and the Condell Theater in the same city.

The full schedule is at

The films, meanwhile, will be available until Sunday, November 27 at

The prominent filmmaker Paola Castillo participated in the inauguration, who highlighted the current moment of cinematographic arts in the country: “We have an impressive group of Chilean documentary filmmakers and creators, and within that, impressive women creators as well.”

“That they look at you surprises and excites you, and I take it as recognition of collective work,” said the filmmaker and journalist.

Latin American focus

In the first performance of the festival, the attendees had the opportunity to see, for the first time on the big screen, two Chilean creations belonging to the Latin American Focus of this version.

It is “Disforia Fútbol Club”, by director Inti Lorca, which tells the story of a football club aimed at trans and non-binary people who are looking for a safe space to practice this sport.

Subsequently, the documentary “Históricas” was shown, directed by Grace Lazcano and Javiera Court, which recounts the path and preparation of the Chilean women’s soccer team for the 2019 World Cup in France.

The exhibition concluded with an emotional conversation between the audience and the creators.

Directors highlighted the contribution of the Festival

After the performance, Inti Lorca, director of “Disforia Fútbol Club” said that FESTMYD “is an experience that greatly enhances the short film that is just beginning its production process and helps us see other perspectives. The film ‘Histórica’ is an event that, in some way, makes us get closer to what we could become if we keep working”.

“On the other hand, I find the Festival great, the activities in the schools in which I was a participant, it was exploring new experiences, meeting new people and above all, accompanying trans and non-binary adolescents was super important,” added Lorca.

For her part, Grace Lazcano, sports journalist and co-director of “Históricas” declared: “We follow them to all the friendly matches they played and we tell their story as players and as a team, and from this step from amateurism to professionalism that costs so much , especially being women ».

«The objective that we had while we were making the film was to do something like this, this is what we were aiming for; so we are very happy, besides that it is the first time that we see the complete film in a movie theater. Very happy for the experience and to be considered in this space,” added Lazcano.

“Histórica” by Grace Lazcano and Javiera Court (file photo)

Finally, the co-director of FESTMYD 2022, Violeta Banda, invited them to participate in the exhibitions and face-to-face conversations and to see the films in competition.

«A festival goes hand in hand with making the works visible, making the filmmakers visible and also contributing to the circular economy of the places where we go, be it cities, neighborhood associations, neighborhood organizations; mobilize economic energy and also mobilize sensitivities around the art that we are mobilizing”, said the director of the contest.

“That is why everyone is cordially invited to follow us, to watch the movies and also to comment on them, because art has to be in motion, so through dialogue we can also shape art from a social construction,” he closed. Violet Band.

Cover Photo: Documentary “Genoveva” by Paola Castillo

Filmmaker Paola Castillo: “We have an impressive group of documentary filmmakers and women creators”