First topic tonight: the issue of school bullying #SuiteParentale

It’s a spin-off of the show The Kindergarten house (France 5) which is launched this Tuesday, November 6 at 9 p.m. on France 4. Baptized Master suite, this new program is presented by the shocking duo of Agathe Lecaron and Benjamin Müller. Objective: to address the issue of children over 6 and adolescents.

What will we see in this new show? In The Kindergarten Housewe received a lot of messages from parents telling us: it’s nice to be interested in toddlers but our children are growing up“. With Master Suitewe are going to talk about the problems associated with children over the age of six.

Another live broadcast, are you addicted to the format? The live broadcast makes it possible to make the program a great moment of sharing, an interaction with the exercise of the questions relayed by Benjamin Müller. I don’t like stuff that’s sanitized. I was swollen from being cut at the edit in Top chef, too big mouth. Live allows freedom, emulation too. We are without a net, we have no choice but to be smart.

What theme will you dedicate the first show to? At school harassment. November 8 is the national day against school bullying, we want to be part of this movement, to raise awareness of the problem. We will notably receive a psychologist, a principal and a prosecutor. We will discuss many textbook cases. No bad pun. So there will be testimonies and solutions. It is a program that draws up an observation and offers a wide range of solutions, so that each parent can then do their shopping.

France Télévision’s program schedule should be shaken up at the start of the school year, even if you don’t yet know for sure what will happen to Kindergartensyou have the advantage of being a public utility program… Like all stream broadcasts which are daily on France 5, our contract runs until December 31. We will know more at the beginning of December about the rest, but we know that we are ensuring a real public service mission with this meeting. We have no audience pressure, no market share target, we are really there to support parents.

Can you already give us the theme of the second Master Suite ? The second program will be devoted to parental authority. We are going to talk about educational violence: spanking, hurtful words. We are also going to be interested in something that we talk about a lot: positive education too. We hear Sweden confess to having created generations of balls-breakers. We are headed.

This new show, the release of a book (Mom, Dad, what are we playing? ! At JC Lattès editions), a line of baby clothing, are you hyperactive? I don’t know why I’m doing all this to myself, because in reality I’m lazy. Really. My obsession is to do nothing. But I’m not complaining, it’s nice to do smart shows. The book is also the desire to transmit everything that we don’t have time to share on the show.

What is the reason for this book? I don’t know how to play with my children. We realize that when children approach you, it’s because they just want us to take care of them. And when we do, they become angels. The book helps to spend precious time with his children. It can be, before bedtime, asking him his three highlights of the day. We get them used to telling us about their daily lives, and the day they have a problem, we may detect it sooner than expected. With Sylvia Gabet, we had the idea of ​​this book which gives parents ideas for activities to spend time with their children.


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First topic tonight: the issue of school bullying #SuiteParentale