Flexibility to watch the World Cup in schools

León Gto.- The holder of the Secretary of Education of Guanajuato, Jorge Enrique Hernández Meza he mentioned not There was an absence of students, since in some educational centers there was the possibility of enjoying the match of the Mexican National Team against Poland in the World Cup in Qatar.

He added that before Saudi Arabia next Wednesday at 1:00 p.m., the SEG will be flexible so that teachers and students can enjoy the World Cup again.

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“There is a great discussion, in fact there were states, which totally allowed it to happen, it seems to me now we work a lot on transversal projects, which is an excellent learning opportunity, there are several suggestions from different teachers who have made since the World Cup, all a practice, a learning model, from the countries that are participating, their conditions and their characteristics”, he mentioned.

“As today we are trying to work on projects in a transversal way, it is a very good way of doing addition and subtraction in a different way, from how it happens, how it does not happen, how are the rules of the game and in the socio-emotional part You can work in a very important way if you do cheers, pending activities to support one team or another, even before the game, so that it has meaning in a larger analysis”, he added.

When asked if he would allow television in classrooms and institutions, he mentioned that this will depend on the decision of each school, since the only thing the secretariat requests is that it become a learning space.

“We have not made a decision to stifle that spirit of schools that take this as an alternative, to a large extent today our students require enthusiasm. This is a good opportunity to generate enthusiasm in the educational community, if managers value it, it seems to us that we would only have to support them and flexibility in that sense, “he concluded.

The foregoing mentioned in the framework of the regional convention for the Swearing in of the presidents of the school republic of the 2022-2023 cycle held in the auditorium of the Official Normal School of León.

Event where it was announced that the school republic is a model where students participate and contribute from the practice of their learning, to the development of their leadership. This after being elected democratically, where they jointly assume the transformation of their school and community.

Currently, in state secondary schools and with the participation of students, actions are implemented under the principles of democratic participation, sense of belonging, human development, respect for human rights and dialogue.

For the present school year, a goal of implementation of the program of República Escolar in 1,523 schools, that is, one hundred percent of the secondary schools in the state.

Were 215 high school students from the municipality of León who participated in the Regional Convention for the Protest of the Presidents of the School Republic, for the 2022-2023 school year.

Flexibility to watch the World Cup in schools