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“Follow your dream” is what Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen in their account of “Hot broth for the soul“. “Hot broth for the soul” contains some very beautiful stories that touch the heart and make you think. The book contains 101 intense stories imbued with optimism, faith and vitality. “Hot broth for the soul” encourages positivity even during times of crisis and change. With his positive stories about life he manages to motivate the reader.

Now I’ll explain why the two writers advise their reader: “follow your dream” and invite him not to give up. It’s easy to say “follow your dream”, more difficult to make it come true. I report this short story in the book that makes you understand the reason for this statement. Read the article and follow your dream come what may!

Follow your dream as Jack Canfìeld and Mark Victor Hansen recommend

I have a friend named Monty Roberts who owns a horse farm in San Ysidro. He lets me use his house to organize rallies to raise funds for programs to benefit at-risk youth. The last time I was there he introduced me saying, “I want to explain to you why I let Jack use my house.” It all goes back to the story of a young man who was the son of a traveling horse trainer, who went from stable to stable, track to track, farm to farm and farm to farm to train horses.

As a result, the boy’s high school attendance was continually interrupted. When he was in his senior year he was given an assignment on what he wanted to be when he grew up. That evening he wrote a seven-page essay describing his goal to one day own a horse farm. He described his dream of him in great detail and even drew the outline of an eighty-hectare estate, indicating the location of all the buildings, the stables and the track.

Follow your dream continue..

Then he drew the detailed floor plan of a 400-square-meter house to be included in the eighty-hectare dream estate. He worked out the project with passion and handed it over to the teacher the next day. Two days later the assignment was handed back to him. On the first page there was a red insufficiency with a note that read: “Come to me after class.” The boy who was having the dream came to the teacher after class and asked, “Why did I get an A?”

The teacher replied, “It’s a pipe dream for a boy like you. You do not have money. You come from a traveling family. You have no resources. Owning a horse farm requires a lot of money. You have to buy the land. You have to pay the mares and then spend a lot of money on the stallions. You have no chance of making it.” Then the teacher added, “If you rewrite the assignment with a more realistic goal, I’ll revise your grade.”

Follow your dream continue..

The boy went home and thought about it for a long time. He asked his father what to do. The father replied: “Look, son, you have to decide for yourself. But I think it’s an important decision for you.” Finally, after a week of reflection, the boy handed in the same assignment again, without any change, declaring, “You can keep the fail, I’ll keep my dream.” Monty then turned to the assembled group and said, “I’m telling you this story because you’re in my 1,000-square-foot home in the middle of my eighty-acre estate. I still have that homework framed above the fireplace.”

He added: “The coolest part of the story is that two summers ago that same teacher took thirty kids on a camping trip to my estate for a week. As he was leaving, the teacher said to me, “See, Monty, now I can tell you. When I was your teacher I was kind of a dream thief. In those years I stole a lot of boys’ dreams. Luckily you had enough guts not to give up yours.” Don’t let them steal your dreams. Follow your heart, come what may.

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“Follow your dream” they advise Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Did you know these two writers? Has anyone ever spurred you on and said: “follow your dream”? Have you done it? After reading the “follow your dream” advice, you can also check out these interesting pieces about the writer and other colleagues:

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Follow your dream, come what may | they are not just movies