France 3 will broadcast “When TV takes the air”, a selection of unpublished archives of outdoor TV shows

What if we revisited our television heritage through a genre that has been and continues to be the golden hour of French television: broadcasts shot outdoors and live?

To our delight, when TV decides to take to the air, it indeed offers us unexpected and unforgettable moments that take place throughout France.

For sixty years, with outdoor live, in essence more risky and more uncertain, the sacred monsters of the small screen and all generations of presenters, journalists and artists have had to surpass themselves in improvisations to face all the vagaries like… technical problems, incidents, accidents, overflows from the public, bad weather… and no one is safe!

Thanks to a selection of unpublished archives and moments that have marked the history of programs that have become cults, this documentary offers us an immersion in the best of outdoor and live television, but also an original and playful look at the evolution of television and society over the past six decades.

In the heart of summer, France 3 invites you to embark on a great journey through time! In this exceptional documentary which gives pride of place to archive footage, we relive with pleasure the finest hours of the great legendary games that are Intercity, Games without borders, The Schmilblic and The 8 p.m. gamesin the company of the essential Guy Lux, Léon Zitrone, Simone Garnier and Jean-Pierre Descombes.

We also stop on strong sequences which disrupted the progress of itinerant emissions having accompanied the French for many years: noon premiere with Daniele Gilbert, Christmas papers, A peach from hell with Pascal Sanchez, 40° in the shade with Thierry Beccaro, Vincent Perrot, Marie-Ange Nardi and Caroline Tresca, Noon in France with Laurent Boyer and Vincent Ferniot, but also Each turn with Jacques Chancel and Departure village with Laurent Luyat. The opportunity to find in sometimes very embarrassing, funny or improbable situations, Claude François, Dalida, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Enrico Macias, Michel Boujenah, Smaïn, Jamel Debbouze, Gad Elmaleh, Pierre Palmade, C. Jérôme , Sabrina, Jean-Pierre François, Plastic Bertrand, Marc Madiot, Jeannie Longo, Laurent Gerra, Geneviève de Fontenay, Julie Pietri and Pascal Sevran.

We finally dive back with delight in the best moments of major event and spectacular programs such as The Telethon, Evening dress with Michel Drucker or even Nowhere else in Cannes with Philippe Gildas, Antoine de Caunes and José Garcia.

“When the TV takes the air” 110 mins
A film written and directed by
Mireille Dumas
MD Productions
Newstart Productions

Produced by
Mireille Dumas, David Djaoui and Stephane Gateau
With the participation of
France Televisions and CNC History and culture documentary center
Valerie Mathieu
Emmanuel Migeot
Documentary unit director
Julie Grivaux

France 3 will broadcast “When TV takes the air”, a selection of unpublished archives of outdoor TV shows