France Télévisions is mobilizing to fight against misinformation

France Télévisions is setting up, from Wednesday, November 16, a large-scale device, #VraiOuFake, on all of its environments. The group is also relaunching a field operation throughout France with the Tour de France of EMI (Media and Information Education) and citizenship, alongside the Ministry of National Education and Youth, academic networks of EMI and CLEMI.

The objective: to raise public awareness of disinformation, to open a dialogue around this growing phenomenon and to propose concrete and useful solutions to decipher and support all audiences in media and information literacy.

For Delphine Ernotte Cunci, President and CEO of France Télévisions, “the proliferation of false information on the Internet, however, plunges the French into a veritable ‘media brouhaha’ which is increasingly difficult to decipher. (…) It is therefore urgent to give all of our fellow citizens the keys to spot it with confidence.”

1Starting point for a mobilization to fight against fake news and misinformation

From November 16, #VraiOuFake becomes the reference hashtag to fight against “fake news”, especially on social networks. This movement will be supported by all the programs in order to give the widest public the tools and keys to understanding to decode false information. The faces of the news will also mobilize to highlight this exceptional initiative with in particular a video produced by Julien Pain – editor-in-chief of the program Vrai Ou Fake on franceinfo channel 27 – and Maud Descamps – journalist from Télématin de la section “Behind the screens”.

On this launch day, the entire editorial staff of France Télévisions is involved in our #VraiOuFake action. All of its branches and offers also emphasize the fight against misinformation: the news, the news magazines on France 2, France 3 and France 5, as well as the news publications in Overseas and regions, will offer numerous reports and testimonials. On franceinfo channel 27, #VraiOuFake will be the common thread throughout the day. is at the heart of the reactor of this mobilization thanks to its True or Fake section which brings together all the content (articles, videos) of fact-checking and debunking produced by all the players in the public audiovisual sector. Journalists flush out factual errors, lies or false images. They decipher and deconstruct rumors and “fake news”, which circulate in particular on social networks, in all areas of current affairs. They also answer questions sent to us by our readers / viewers / listeners. This device is certified by the International Fact-checking Network, an international network of media specializing in fact-checking. This work is also deployed on social networks, which are the levers par excellence for the dissemination of misinformation.

To access our documentary sources in the JT, Lumni, Vrai Ou Fake: “Our sources” To debunk the amateur images circulating on social networks: “Les Révélateurs, the visual investigation unit”

2The Tour de France of MIL (Media and Information Education) and citizenship: supporting teachers in the fight against misinformation

In order to combat disinformation, educate in the decryption of images and raise awareness among teachers and students, France Télévisions is relaunching a support and training operation in the field which will take place throughout the year.

Alongside the Ministry of National Education and Youth and the CLEMI, France Télévisions is mobilizing to meet teachers, students and parents of students by setting up a tour of the academies. These MIL interventions are part of the academic training plans for teachers and thus allow them to transmit to students all the keys to understanding and develop their critical thinking.

The first stage of this Tour de France took place in Amiens in conjunction with the academy of Amiens. Nearly 120 teachers attended workshops and exchanged views with members of the news editorial staff of France Télévisions. They were also able to discuss cross-cutting topics and projects: EMI and girl-boy equality, EMI and duty to remember, EMI and science, etc.

a master class with students from the Boucher-de-Perthes school complex in Abbeville around the documentary The Vel d’Hiv roundup, shame and tears and a screening for the general public around the documentary series Stories of a Nation: The School were also organised.

France Télévisions will deploy the system throughout 2023. The next stage will take place in January in the Rennes academy.

France Télévisions is mobilizing to fight against misinformation