Géraldine Maillet upset: her chilling story about her meeting with PPDA, it’s terrible…

If the PDDA affair is no longer one of the media, the women victims of the former television star intend to fight in court to be heard. As a reminder, several of them accuse Patrick Poivre d’Arvor of sexual harassment and / or sexual assault. On the set of Touche not at my post, the writer Bénédicte Martin wanted to tell her story. Followed by Géraldine Maillet.

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, the untouchable

Last April, an exclusive Complément d’Enquête document was broadcast on television. He returns to the reputation of the television man, and to the many women who accuse him of sexual assault. The director Romain Verley does not hide it, it was not easy to achieve. But luckily for him, some former PPDA colleagues agree to talk about his reputation, rumors, personality.

It was common knowledge that “PPDA” received visitors every evening, that his office was a bachelor pad, summarizes Romain Verley. Seeing this reputation as a seducer, perhaps we weren’t worried about his possible predatory attitude..

Rumors become real when 23 women decide to speak out. They confide in the police and in the media: Liberation, Le Monde and the show Seven to eight on TF1.

Géraldine Maillet touched by the testimony of a victim

In Touche pas à mon poste, the subject was discussed several times. Some columnists around the table have worked in television for years. And all of them knew the reputation of PPDA. If they say they didn’t imagine he could sexually assault women, they knew he was considered a ladies’ man, and he could/knew he was heavy.

Cyril Hanouna received on his set on Tuesday September 20 Benedict Martin. The latter accuses PDDA of sexual violence and told her story on the set in front of a very attentive Géraldine Maillet.

According to him, the facts took place after the filming of the program “Vol de nuit”. ” He circled around the chair on which I was sitting, facing his desk, and, from behind, he made me an armbar. We rocked on the carpet and I struggled as he tried to put his hands in my panties as he pulled my skirt up and my tights down.”

There, I pretended, I said to myself: ‘not me, I won’t be raped, I don’t want to’, and so I pushed her face away with my hand, firmly and I pretended. I told him ‘Patrick, we deserve better, not like this, something prettier’. He got up, he went behind his desk, he took out a notebook. That’s when I grabbed my things and ran down the hall. I was afraid that he would catch up with me”.

Géraldine Maillet tells her story

If Géraldine Maillet appears so touched by the words of her fellow writer, it is because she also met the host of Night flight for the same show. Luckily, his story is not the same. But she wanted to tell it on the set, for the first time.

I am very touched by what Bénédicte says. And then me, I think of myself as a young novelist. My publishing house also invited for Vol de Nuit with PPDA. I have told it here many times. Indeed, he chases me at the end of the show, between the two swinging doors, I’m all alone with him and he said to me ‘I like you very much, I love your novel. The same modus operandi as you describe. Looks very urgent. And then I say ‘so much the better’. And he answers me: ‘We have to see each other again’. I say ‘no, we’ll meet again for my next book “.

She continues. ” I release him, I put a kind of rake on him like that. I defend myself with this answer. I may or may not have avoided a drama as well. I tell myself that it does not matter much to switch into an intimate drama ”. Of them stories which terrified everyone on set.

Géraldine Maillet upset: her chilling story about her meeting with PPDA, it’s terrible…