GPS devices to have located car, keys and pets

More and more we use the mobile for different reasons. We not only use it to call or send messages, we use it to enter social networks, to watch movies and series, to play games, to jot down notes…

One of the uses that many of us tend to give to the mobile phone is that of a GPS device, to the point where we do not leave the house without first configuring our mobile phone to guide us wherever we want to go.

Over time, GPS location is useful to us in various everyday situations. Perhaps you are one of those who never remembers where you parked your car, or where you left your keys. Perhaps, too, you need to put a locator on your pet, or even your child, to avoid disappearances or misfortunes.

In this case, much progress has been made in the development of GPS location, to control routes and walking areas at all times with both your child and your pet. So that you forget to worry.

The most sold

The Invoxia GPS locator locates and protects 24/7 motorcycles, scooters, cars and valuables. It allows locating them with no distance limit in the country of installation. Receive an immediate notification on your smartphone in case of attempted theft, vandalism or suspicious movement in the parked vehicle. Up to 6 months of autonomy to never run out of battery in case of theft.

The favorite

This personal GPS serves both for tracking people, vehicles and/or goods. Ultra-compact design; 100% waterproof, includes a built-in high-strength magnet. Attaches to vehicle; fits in small pockets; hides discreetly in a backpack or purse. Track and map (with Google Maps) in real time on web-based software or SilverCloud app. Email and text alerts, location notification; historical reproduction. Includes AT&T SIM with unlimited data and unlimited access to our tracking servers.

The cheapest

AirTag protective case is made of high quality PU leather to protect from collision, drop, scratch and stain. Each AirTag protective sleeve is equipped with a high-quality carabiner, which is very convenient to carry and use. With flexible circular design, easy to quickly unlock or lock the airtag keychain. The keychain included in the package allows you to attach the tracker to key chains, suitcases, purses, pet collars, etc. It can be attached to any object in any weather. Can be used for car keys, school bags, dog leashes, valuables, etc. You can use AirTag to easily change the items you want to track at any time.

Always connected

Compact, small and light, easy to carry anywhere and anytime. The Sonew Bluetooth tracker is used to locate our pet from a few keys. With the new Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the power consumption is extremely low. Its two-way search function can connect multiple devices at the same time. Help users find their missing or misplaced items quickly and save valuable time. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ function can set a silent period to avoid interference with work and other important moments.

More coverage

The Weenect GPS locator works without a distance limit, to guarantee tracking from the phone throughout Europe. The monitoring is done in real time and is unlimited. It includes an alert button with which you can activate an emergency call. Configure safe zones to receive automatic warnings if you enter or leave them. You can review the history. The battery can last up to 7 days of regular use. It charges in 2 hours.

With this selection, you will have everything you need to easily locate everything from your car to your pet or a family member. As we have seen, each of these devices is designed for a specific type of location, depending on coverage, distance, and object. For this reason, we encourage you to better study what kind of object you need to have located in order to choose a GPS device that best fits.

GPS devices to have located car, keys and pets